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Noah Champagne, Staff Writer

Hi I'm Noah Champagne and I'm a sophomore at Joseph A. Foran High School. I’m a member of Forans Key Club and super excited for my second year as a staff writer for the Mane Street Mirror. Outside of school, I love watching and following sports, especially the Yankees while spending time with friends and family.

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Answering the Call: Milford Fire Department Car 4 on Scene of a Person Trapped. September 27, 2020.

Behind The Flames

A Day in the Life of a Milford Firefighter
Noah Champagne and Colin Monahan | March 20, 2024

          In the heart of downtown, a dedicated group of individuals stands ready to face the flames, storms, and crises that threaten the city of Milford. Behind the lights and sirens are the brave men and women of the Milford Fire Department (MFD) who are ready to serve and protect the community...

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Braving The Flames: Foran alumni and Milford firefighter Jake Burwell cutting a roof during a training exercise. October 12, 2023.

From Lockers to Ladders

Foran Alumni Turn to Serving Milford Community
Noah Champagne and Colin Monahan | February 2, 2024

           From navigating the hallways and stairwells of Foran to bravely putting out fires and saving lives, these Foran graduates seamlessly transitioned into their role of firefighters. Years after graduating, they are now putting their lives on the line serving Milford.           ...

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Filling the Position: Cesare sits at his desk at a town council meeting.

Q and A with Mr. Austin Cesare

Connor Rizzo and Noah Champagne | January 18, 2024

           Alongside teaching, AP Government and Politics teacher and Social Studies Department Head Mr. Austin Cesare has been involved in local politics in his hometown of Hamden. Cesare shares information about his experiences as a part of the Hamden Board of Education and town council, and...

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Fighting for a Cause: Wrestling team supporting the Rach’s Hope Walk the Extra Mile Event: October 22, 2023.

Mat Heroes: How Foran Wrestling is Making a Difference Through Fundraising

Noah Champagne and Colin Monahan | January 5, 2024

          Usually when wrestling is brought up, one's first thought is a duel between two skilled individuals battling for the win. However, the wrestlers do more than just grapple. The team participates in fundraisers that give back to charities and communities. From supporting illnesses to injuries,...

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The Heart of the Holidays:. Milfords annual Christmas tree lighting on December 1, 2023.

Unwrapping The Magic

Milford Community Holiday Traditions
Colin Monahan and Noah Champagne | December 19, 2023

           From Milford’s annual tree lighting to holiday celebrations, there are many ways to kick off the holiday season. With countless students and staff here at Foran. How does each individual person celebrate the holidays?            History teacher and swim coach Mr. Brian Dooling...

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Savory Cookies: Variety of cookies from Insomnia Cookies in New Haven July 25, 2023.

National Dessert Month: What’s Foran’s Favorite Dessert?

Noah Champagne and Colin Monahan | November 6, 2023

          Pastries, cakes, candies, cookies, and more. There are tons of desserts to choose from when in the mood for something sweet. With so many options, how can a person choose?           National Dessert Month goes throughout all of October and includes National Dessert Day. This month...

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Game Day: Chianca suits up for his first high school game against Hillhouse September 8, 2023.

Rising Star: Freshman Anthony Chianca Shines Bright Under the Friday Night Lights

Noah Champagne and Colin Monahan | October 4, 2023

          It's not every day a freshman makes the leap into varsity football, let alone be a starter. Every once in a while a young freshman athlete climbs the ranks showing he put in the work and determination to be on the varsity team.           Anthony Chianca started playing football...

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Huskies Unite: Pictured is the UCONN logo with the Husky mascot, April 11, 2013.

Seniors Staying Local

Connecticut College Commits
Noah Champagne and Isabella Lau | May 22, 2023

          As the 2022-2023 school year comes to an end, new beginnings have just started for seniors. Although, the big question is: Where do we go from here?            In Connecticut, there are a multitude of different colleges to choose from. From Southern Connecticut State University...

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Kish on Duty: Pictured is Officer Kish posing in front of a Milford police car, May 2022.

A Day in The Life of a School Resource Officer

How an SRO Impacts the Foran Community
Noah Champagne and Isabella Lau | March 15, 2023

          The job of a School Resource Officer (SRO) isn’t right for every police officer. It requires a certain personality combined with maximum empathy and compassion to interact with teenagers and children every day—attributes that SRO Kayleigh Kish demonstrates at Foran High School.  ...

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Trader Joe’s prepares for the holiday of chocolate: Pictured are the heavily stocked shelves at Trader Joe’s, filled with delicious chocolates, January 21, 2023.

This or That: Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate

Noah Champagne and Isabella Lau | February 14, 2023

          As you walk into the chocolate shop, the whimsical scent of chocolate fills your nose. Hershey’s, Lindt, Godiva, Ferrero Rocher, and many more options. As all of these sweets surround the area, you find yourself gazing around at the multitude of choices. What’s bought more? You wonder:...

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Putting the Pieces Together: Xiomari Garcia-Cruz works on a puzzle during her free time in study hall, December 7, 2022.

National Hobby Month

The Foran Community’s Unique Hobbies
Isabella Lau and Noah Champagne | January 25, 2023

          Whether you have one hobby, multiple hobbies, or no hobbies, it’s the perfect time of year to pick up a new one or jump back into an old one. National Hobby Month is a nationwide holiday celebrated every January. Hobbies are important because not only can they relieve stress and tension,...

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The Great Killington: Pictured is the Ramshead area in Killington, VT, February 16, 2020.

Hitting the Slopes Safely: Student Guide to Safety on the Mountain

Noah Champagne and Isabella Lau | November 30, 2022

          With the weather becoming colder and the weeks speeding by, ski season is right around the corner. Skiing and snowboarding is an enjoyable sport admired by many in the community at Foran. The 2022-2023 Ski Club season includes 72 participants who are ready to hit the slopes.     ...

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The Huddle: (Left to Right) Tyquell Lucas, Geo Winters, Kyle Viesselman, and Alex Teastani huddle up, October 9, 2022.

New Faces On The Football Team

Class of 26' Enters the Den
Noah Champagne, Jillian Allen, and Colin Monahan | October 28, 2022

          The football team is looked at as an entertainment source for students, but for the players, the game and their team is like a second family. The team consists of different players and coaches, all with their own individual motivations. This shared love for the game allows them to encourage...

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