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Isabella Lau, Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Isabella Lau and I am a freshman. This is my first year writing for the Mane Street Mirror. I am looking forward to working together with my peers and learning new tips and tricks. I enjoy reading and writing in and outside of school. 

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Huskies Unite: Pictured is the UCONN logo with the Husky mascot, April 11, 2013.

Seniors Staying Local

Connecticut College Commits
Noah Champagne and Isabella Lau | May 22, 2023

          As the 2022-2023 school year comes to an end, new beginnings have just started for seniors. Although, the big question is: Where do we go from here?            In Connecticut, there are a multitude of different colleges to choose from. From Southern Connecticut State University...

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Kish on Duty: Pictured is Officer Kish posing in front of a Milford police car, May 2022.

A Day in The Life of a School Resource Officer

How an SRO Impacts the Foran Community
Noah Champagne and Isabella Lau | March 15, 2023

          The job of a School Resource Officer (SRO) isn’t right for every police officer. It requires a certain personality combined with maximum empathy and compassion to interact with teenagers and children every day—attributes that SRO Kayleigh Kish demonstrates at Foran High School.  ...

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Trader Joe’s prepares for the holiday of chocolate: Pictured are the heavily stocked shelves at Trader Joe’s, filled with delicious chocolates, January 21, 2023.

This or That: Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate

Noah Champagne and Isabella Lau | February 14, 2023

          As you walk into the chocolate shop, the whimsical scent of chocolate fills your nose. Hershey’s, Lindt, Godiva, Ferrero Rocher, and many more options. As all of these sweets surround the area, you find yourself gazing around at the multitude of choices. What’s bought more? You wonder:...

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Putting the Pieces Together: Xiomari Garcia-Cruz works on a puzzle during her free time in study hall, December 7, 2022.

National Hobby Month

The Foran Community’s Unique Hobbies
Isabella Lau and Noah Champagne | January 25, 2023

          Whether you have one hobby, multiple hobbies, or no hobbies, it’s the perfect time of year to pick up a new one or jump back into an old one. National Hobby Month is a nationwide holiday celebrated every January. Hobbies are important because not only can they relieve stress and tension,...

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The Great Killington: Pictured is the Ramshead area in Killington, VT, February 16, 2020.

Hitting the Slopes Safely: Student Guide to Safety on the Mountain

Noah Champagne and Isabella Lau | November 30, 2022

          With the weather becoming colder and the weeks speeding by, ski season is right around the corner. Skiing and snowboarding is an enjoyable sport admired by many in the community at Foran. The 2022-2023 Ski Club season includes 72 participants who are ready to hit the slopes.     ...

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Fighting for First: Clara Pasacreta and Gianna Cappozi competing for first place October 11 2022.

Run the World, Freshmen

How Freshmen Students are Adapting to Cross Country
Jayden Wilder and Isabella Lau | October 28, 2022

     From middle school track to high school track, the freshman students are moving up in the world. Foran’s class of 2026 is ecstatic and joyful to be a part of such a hardworking team. With new challenges emerging and meets being planned, cross country freshman participants have a lot to look...

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