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Colleen Ardolino

Colleen Ardolino, Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Colleen Ardolino, and I am a senior at foran. This is my second year writing articles for Mane Street Mirror. I'm captain of the girls soccer team, and I participate in many clubs. I run the American Sign Language club with my friends. I also like to snowboard during the winter and hang out with my friends. 

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All State Cheerleader: Jonna Lord poses at her All-State banquet.

How to be a Well-Rounded Student

Seniors that Shine at Foran
Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | March 14, 2023

          Many support the theory that no one should be defined by one thing. Athletes can be great at their sports, students can be academically successful, a worker can excel at their job, yet while they may thrive in a specific area, there is always more to an individual. Students at Foran recognize...

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Doyle Dribbling Up the Court: Doyle takes the ball up, while being guarded against Jonathan Law players, December 23, 2022.

Faith “Buckets”

How Faith Doyle is Making Her Mark on Foran Girls Basketball
Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | February 6, 2023

          At the ripe age of six, Faith Doyle stepped onto the basketball court, and began the sport she loves. Doyle is a sophomore at Foran, and while she has only been a high school student for two years, she has made quite the name for herself. As the child of two college basketball players,...

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Twins Take the Tournament: Jack and Jamie D’Avignon at the fundraiser volleyball tournament this year, November 18, 2022.

Siblings in Sports: Twin Edition

Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | January 24, 2023

          Twins may not have telepathy, but they often do have a lot in common, such as their love for a sport. A few fraternal twins at Foran play the same sport, but on their respective teams. These twins include seniors Jack and Jamie D’Avignon, seniors Nico and Skyler Agresti, and sophomores...

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Boys Basketball: Boys huddle after a win as the student section cheers, February 15, 2022.

Get’cha Head in the Game

How Boys Basketball Prepares for the Season
Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | November 15, 2022

          As the weather gets colder, the leaves fall off the trees, and winter sports start preparing for their upcoming season. Basketball is a loved sport by many, and the competitiveness of the sport is something that interests both players and fans. Boys basketball is more than ready to begin...

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Celebration: Captain Joe Gaetano celebrating after a touchdown, September 9, 2022.

Touchdown! Friday Night Football is Back

Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | October 10, 2022

          Football is back in action, and players and students could not be more excited. Football brings in large crowds and this year’s student section is bigger than ever. The Foran community is more than ready for fall nights watching a game on the bleachers in the cold crisp air.    ...

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Boys Lacrosse: The team poses after a win against Branford, April 11, 2022.

Hopped on the Field to Play LAX

A Look into the 2022 Lacrosse Season
Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | May 11, 2022

           The lacrosse season is coming to a close, so it is time to reflect on it. Both the girls and boys teams have done exceptionally well thus far, and are expected to continue that trend in states. Lacrosse is a sport loved by many here at Foran, and both the coaches’ and athletes’ dedication...

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Train Track Bridge: Train traveling out of Milfords station.

Bridges of Milford

Colleen Ardolino, Staff Writer | April 8, 2022

     Bridges are seen all over Milford, Connecticut. Without them transportation would be extremely difficult. There is also a great deal of history behind them.      The Jefferson Bridge, found on Over Mill (Wepawaug) River, was built in 1934. This bridge was built during Thomas Jefferson's...

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Zuckerman in Action: Zuckerman wraps an athletes ankle before a game.

Hallie’s Healing Hands

Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | March 3, 2022

     The whistle blows, the game stops, Hallie immediately runs onto the court to help the injured player. Hallie Zuckerman, the certified athletic trainer at Foran, is found at every single game and practice.       Her job is an important one, and, unfortunately, not all schools have athletic...

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Team Hug: Girls ice hockey scores a goal. Photo courtesy: hamdengirlshockey Instagram, December 18, 2021.

Breaking the Ice with Girls Hockey

Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | January 24, 2022

     Hockey season is finally here, and the girls are back on the ice. This sport does not get as much attention as other sports in high school; however, it is equally notable. The team is a co-op, made up of players from Milford, as well as Hamden, East Haven, New Haven, and Prospect.      Senior...

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Christmas trees at the Sundae House location.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Of All the Trees, There's Not Enough
Colleen Ardolino and Julia Deicicchi | December 7, 2021

     Here comes the holiday season, but it is not so jolly for Christmas tree distributors.       There is an alarming tree shortage across the United States, affecting the holiday season. Climate change, deforestation, and wildfires are the cause of this shortage. With this, many are concerned...

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Riley Grunow, Kyra Umbreit, and Ginger Schmidt posing for a photo at a meet. Photo Courtesy: Shea Carrol, January 2021.

Leaping into the Season

How the Gymnastics Team Prepares
Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | November 30, 2021

     Winter is approaching, and the gymnastics team is ready to round-off back handspring themselves into the season. Formally known as the Foran Gymnastics team, the team has renamed themselves JAF Gym, and they are ready to show off their skills at this year's meets.       Gymnastics is often...

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The Gaetano Brothers: David and Joe together after a game.

Siblings in Sports

Leaving Personal Relationships Off the Field
Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | October 28, 2021

     Being on the same team as a sibling has a unique dynamic.There is a relationship between them, whether positive or negative, that makes being on the same team an experience unlike others.      There are several families on the same Foran sports teams, including Brayden, Liam, and Riley...

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