Siblings in Sports: Twin Edition


Chloe Nittoly

Twins Take the Tournament: Jack and Jamie D’Avignon at the fundraiser volleyball tournament this year, November 18, 2022.

          Twins may not have telepathy, but they often do have a lot in common, such as their love for a sport. A few fraternal twins at Foran play the same sport, but on their respective teams. These twins include seniors Jack and Jamie D’Avignon, seniors Nico and Skyler Agresti, and sophomores Jackson and Faith Doyle.

          Having a twin is a unique experience as it provides not only a supporter but often a competitor as well. Faith and Jackson play varsity basketball, and while they do encourage one another, there is a sense of competition between the two. 

          Jackson comments, “Playing the same sport with my sister impacts my performance by motivating me to do better. If Faith scores more points than I do, I’ll always try to score more than her in our next game. Performing better than her and winning is always bragging rights.”

          The competition between twins can benefit them both, keeping the determination levels high. Jack and Jamie both play varsity soccer, and these twins not only share the same love for the game, but also a classic sibling rivalry.

          Jack relays, “We are very competitive with each other. Whether it is playing soccer or playing against each other in ping pong, we are both super competitive and always trying to beat each other. This competitiveness that we gained from going against each other has helped us be more competitive in our own games.”

          This lighthearted competition to outperform each other can serve as motivation, usually all in good fun. Living with another person that shares the same passion for a sport allows for learning opportunities for both individuals. Skyler and Nico both play varsity soccer as well, and they have shared how they have helped each other to improve at the game.

          Skyler comments, “I think I learn a lot from watching my brother play in his games. Especially since we’ve played different positions for a while so I learn more about how to play defense when I watch him. Also, when I switched to playing defense this year, I asked him a lot of questions about how to contain, tackle, and play out of the back which has improved my performance.”

          Skyler further relayed how Nico and her were able to train with one another to better their skills. Twins are able to work together to keep themselves improving their game and thriving in their sports.

          Faith comments in regards to her and Jackson’s relationship, “We motivate each other by pushing each other to get better and be uncomfortable. Whether that be making eachother go to the gym or workout, we are always making each other want to put work in.”

          Having a built-in supporter that doubles as a competitor can be a major benefit to twins and their ability to strengthen their bond and capabilities in their sports. It is also notable that while twins can practice with one another outside of their teams, they are also major supporters of one another.

          Nico relays, “I support my sister by going to all of her games that I can. This season some of the boys soccer team traveled to Pomperaug and Suffield to support the girls team in states.” 

          Athletes go through tough losses, injuries, mental and physical strains, and having a twin who also understands the demands and challenges sports can bring has been comforting for these twins to know.

          Jamie relays in regards to her and Jack, “Since we are twins, it’s nice to go through the same things at the same times, such as trying out for the team freshman year, or playing in our senior nights, so it’s easy to be there for each other and support one another. I think having someone there for you who understands and loves the sport as much as you do makes it much more fun and competitive.”

          While having a twin that plays the same sport can add pressure to perform better, it also provides a forever supporter on and off the field and court.