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Hannah Salsbury, Content Editor

Hi! My name is Hannah Salsbury and I am a senior at Foran. This is my second year writing for Mane Street Mirror and I enjoy writing a variety of articles. Here at Foran I play on the soccer team, I am an officer of the Sound Lions, and I am involved in many clubs, including Natural Helpers. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and reading. 

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Rock Painting: The seniors paint their handprints on the rock outside of Foran the day before school starts, August 30, 2023.

Foran Flashbacks: Seniors’ Favorite Memories

Chloe Nittoly and Hannah Salsbury | June 2, 2023

          As the school year comes to a close, the class of 2023 prepares to graduate and start their lives outside of high school. The seniors reflect on their time at Foran, thinking about the best memories they have made here and what they will miss the most.            Carolina Burcio...

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East Shore Middle School: Morgan Viesselman helps out at the middle school track meet, June 1, 2022.

Experience, Expertise, and Extra Time

The Importance of Senior Internships & How To Apply
Hannah Salsbury and Chloe Nittoly | March 22, 2023

          While graduating high school with a thorough education is an achievement in itself, graduating with four weeks of work experience on top of that is icing on the cake for some Foran seniors.           All seniors are eligible to submit an application to the Internship Committee...

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Foran’s Favorite Rock: The class of 2023 follows a generational tradition of painting the large rock that sits outside of the bottom floor entrance, August 30, 2022.

[Photo] 50 Years of Lion Pride

Grace Brogan and Dabi Lee | February 14, 2023

Foran’s Favorite Rock: The class of 2023 follows a generational tradition of painting the large rock that sits outside of the bottom floor entrance, August 30, 2022.

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Senior Captains: Seniors Ginger Schmidt and Riley Grunow pose for a photo at one of their meets, January 2023.

Stick It

JAF Gym's Hard Work and Success This Season
Chloe Nittoly and Hannah Salsbury | January 31, 2023

          As the winter sports’ season began, the girls gymnastics team, officially known as JAF Gym, looked forward to starting fresh and is now working hard to end on a high note.           The season began with a victory over Mercy on January 7 at home with a score of Foran’s 122.35...

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Learning From the Best: Journalism 2 and 3 students meetings with Pam McLoughlin, who has been a journalist for over 40 years, November 28, 2022.

Behind The Scenes: Mane Street Mirror Edition

Chloe Nittoly and Hannah Salsbury | January 9, 2023

          While there are many organizations that have hard workers behind the scenes, Foran Journalism stands out among the rest. Between producing a monthly newspaper and regularly uploading articles to, the writers, editors, and advisors of the Mane Street Mirror work vigorously...

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Accomplished and Proud: Students pose for a picture at UNH on the day of the conference, December 3, 2022.

MUN Takes on UNH

ChargerMUN Conference Recap
Hannah Salsbury, Editor | December 9, 2022

           The Model UN (MUN) classes are a great opportunity for students to truly immerse themselves into a world of debate, and oftentimes become experts in the policies and perspectives on certain foreign countries. Last weekend, on December 3, the MUN  classes traveled to the University of...

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In Memory: Foran students make stars to remember the veterans they know who fought for them, November 10, 2022. Photo Courtesy: Melissa Santos.

Veterans Day

Celebrating, Honoring, and Listening
Melissa Santos and Hannah Salsbury | November 11, 2022

   With Veterans Day being celebrated on Friday, November 11, Foran High School held an assembly on the Thursday before to honor the veterans of the greater Foran community. Along with the celebration there were guest speakers who came to different classrooms throughout the day to share their experience...

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Yellow Out: Student section wears yellow insSupport of ALSF during football game, September 16, 2022.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation: ‘Fighting Childhood Cancer, One Cup at a Time’

Chloe Nittoly and Hannah Salsbury | October 14, 2022

          Every day, over 1,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with cancer. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) works to make life easier for those diagnosed by raising money for and spreading awareness about childhood cancer, supporting families in need, and providing a welcoming environment...

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School Spirit: Seniors, along with members of all classes, dress up for the flannel Thanksgiving game, November 25, 2021.

Foran Flashbacks: Seniors’ Favorite Memories

Hannah Salsbury and Chloe Nittoly | June 13, 2022

          As the school year comes to a close, seniors are preparing for their lives after graduation. The Foran senior class has grown together, and even though they will part ways, their most unforgettable moments will connect them forever. While looking forward might feel bittersweet, reflecting...

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Former Softball Athlete: Ms. Abbigail Blanchard during one of her college softball games. Photo courtesy: Shoj (media specialist from UB,  April 2019.

College Commitment as a Student Athlete

Hannah Salsbury and Chloe Nittoly | March 1, 2022

     The process of applying to college is something that several students think about their junior year and into their senior year. Many high school athletes want to continue their education and athletic careers at the next level, bringing forth the process of committing and applying to college for...

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Learning About Heart Health: A student visiting the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute website to learn more healthy heart strategies.

Nothing Beats a Healthy Heart

Hannah Salsbury, Staff Writer | February 3, 2022

     In 1964, February was declared National Heart Month by President Lyndon B. Johnson as a way to encourage people to join in the battle against heart disease and prioritize their cardiovascular health. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute motivated people to adopt healthy habits into their...

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Holiday Cheer: The Cornflower Drive and Aster Road Street Sign decorated.

Seasonal Street Signs Pop Up Around Milford

Hannah Salsbury, Staff Writer | January 3, 2022

     Many people choose to decorate for the holiday season. In the city of Milford, along with the typical yard and house decorations, street signs are also decorated.      This trend became popular starting last year, and it is slowly becoming an annual tradition by Milford residents. An estimated...

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Administrator in Action: Mrs. Kelly sitting at her desk in her new office.

Fresh Face for Foran Faculty

Hannah Salsbury, Staff Writer | November 21, 2021

     While students may not always see or be aware of the role administration plays in a school system, without them, the school would not function efficiently. An administrators work as a team to keep the school operating, and they are now joined by new assistant principal, Mrs. Dena Kelly.  ...

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Post Victory: Team has a discussion after winning a meet. Photo courtesy: Mrs. Amy Fiorillo, September 30, 2021.

Girls’ Swim Makes a Splash

Hannah Salsbury, Staff Writer | October 19, 2021

     The Girls' Swim and Dive Team is composed of 23 athletes- 18 swimmers and five divers. They participate in practices and meets at Foran’s pool and have had a successful season so far, looking to finish strong for the remainder of the fall.       Ms. Meghan Condon has been head coach...

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