Foran Flashbacks: Seniors’ Favorite Memories


Julia Deicicchi

Rock Painting: The seniors paint their handprints on the rock outside of Foran the day before school starts, August 30, 2023.

          As the school year comes to a close, the class of 2023 prepares to graduate and start their lives outside of high school. The seniors reflect on their time at Foran, thinking about the best memories they have made here and what they will miss the most. 

          Carolina Burcio says, “I’m going to miss going to all of the sporting events with my friends and getting to know new people all the time.”

          Some students favored moments where animals were involved; Grace Foley shares she enjoyed “…any of the times where a therapy dog or police dog was brought into the school. I loved missing class and going to pet the dog with friends because it was such a good and relaxing break in the day.”

          Logan Aronson feels similarly, saying she “loved the petting zoo!” from this year.

          Venice Montanaro shares that she will miss moments such as, “The morning breakfasts with my friends, walking in the halls, club meetings and even bigger events like pep rally, football games and more!”

          Many students will also miss the staff members they have developed meaningful relationships with and the classes that have meant so much to them.

          Montanaro comments, “Ms. Deloma was an incredible teacher who always made the library a good place to bond and spend time relaxing. Her providing a safe space for any of my AP Research questions was always helpful.”

          Nico Agresti shares, “Ms. B is a teacher that left a mark on my experience at Foran because she is always very nice and greets me with a warm smile. She is also always willing to help me with whatever I need.”

          Burcio comments, “Mrs. Digiacomo has left a mark on my experience at Foran. She has always pushed me to do my best, and has been there to support me through my toughest times at Foran.”

          Skyler Agresti especially enjoyed the AP Psychology class this past year and all of the activities involved, such as competing in groups to make puzzles while also destroying other teams’ creations.

          This year specifically had many sports successes, and some seniors will take these memories with them in the future. S Agresti says one of her favorite times at Foran was when the girls soccer team beat Suffield in round 2 of the state tournament to advance to the quarter finals for the first time in Foran history. N Agresti shares that he always valued the pasta parties and just playing with his soccer team. 

          The class of 2023 has clearly made their mark on the Foran community and it is evident that they will continue to cherish everything they have learned and experienced in their high school years.