Experience, Expertise, and Extra Time

The Importance of Senior Internships & How To Apply


Morgan Viesselman

East Shore Middle School: Morgan Viesselman helps out at the middle school track meet, June 1, 2022.

          While graduating high school with a thorough education is an achievement in itself, graduating with four weeks of work experience on top of that is icing on the cake for some Foran seniors.

          All seniors are eligible to submit an application to the Internship Committee by April 5 in order to complete an internship during the fourth quarter of the school year. They run from May 8 to June 2, where students must complete a total of 90 hours (not including travel time) at their internship site.

          Mrs. Melissa Cacioppo, who oversees the internship process, explains, “Once students know a place they would like to intern, the first thing I ask students to do is to email me where they are interested in contacting. The next step is to send a message, call, or go in person to the location and introduce yourself as well as explain the program. Students should always keep me updated on their progress. Once the location agrees students do need a confirmation from the location and signature on the application form.”

          The requirements of an applicant include a completed application form, permission form, medical and transportation form, resume, teacher sign off form, and a current class schedule. 

          Students can create their own schedules every week and are exempt from all schoolwork and classes once they begin, although there are a few exceptions, including AP Exams, the CNA program, and the ECE Child Development final project.

          In addition to completing their hours, “Each week of the internship students need to complete a reflection journal which is posted on Classroom. At the end of the internship there will be a presentation. At this time I am unsure if it will be in person or a recorded presentation,” Cacioppo explains.

          When picking a site location, students must keep in mind that they may not work for compensation, they may not work at a place of previous or current employment, and their supervisor must not be a family member. Students should initiate site selection but Mrs. Cacioppo will assist with placements if needed.

          In order to apply, there are criteria each student is expected to meet, although applications are evaluated on a case by case basis. A minimum of 70 average is required for the year in all classes, students should meet the 75% threshold for attendance ( no more than 7 absences in a semester class or 15 in a year long class), should have no more than 5 unexcused tardies in the second semester, no Out of School Suspension (OSS) in 2022-2023, and In School Suspension (ISS) infractions will be reviewed on a case by case basis. All final acceptance decisions are made by the Internship Committee. 

          The process of securing a location and applying are simple, and the benefits of completing an internship are exceptional. According to  https://www.georgefox.edu, “An internship provides you with firsthand experience, professional opportunities and personal growth. It will also make you more competitive when applying for jobs. As an intern, you’ll gain relevant skills to showcase on your resume.”

          Mia Williams completed her internship at Upward Human Performance last year. She wanted to complete her internship here because she is interested in pursuing a career related to strength and conditioning.

          Williams says, “[Internships] provide you with a great hands on experience for a career that you’re interested in. My favorite part of the internship was how flexible the hours were and the relationships I built with the people at Upward.”

          Morgan Viesselman, also of the Class of 2022, completed her internship at East Shore Middle School. She knew that she wanted to pursue a career in athletics and kids, but wasn’t sure if she was leaning more towards coaching or teaching. 

          Viesselman comments, “It gives you experience in something you’d like to do as a career, and even if you don’t end up enjoying it, then you know that’s not exactly what you want to do.”

          Viesselman also agrees that building relationships and connections was a benefit to completing an internship, saying after only a few days everyone would say “Hi Morgan” when she arrived and give her “a high five.”

          In addition to the experience and expertise students can gain in the field of their choosing, they often find themselves with extra time during the fourth quarter, as all schoolwork is exempt and they are required to spend less time at their internship site than they would at school.

          In 2021, the program had 33 students complete internships, and that number more than doubled in 2022 with 85 senior interns.

          Cacioppo says, “Senior internship is an amazing experience that we offer here. Gaining real life experience in a field that is of interest to you and learning what you like and more importantly what you don’t like about the area.”

          If a student is considering completing an internship and still has questions, they should contact Mrs. Melissa Cacioppo.