Fresh Face for Foran Faculty


Hannah Salsbury

Administrator in Action: Mrs. Kelly sitting at her desk in her new office.

Hannah Salsbury, Staff Writer

     While students may not always see or be aware of the role administration plays in a school system, without them, the school would not function efficiently. An administrators work as a team to keep the school operating, and they are now joined by new assistant principal, Mrs. Dena Kelly.

     Kelly served as an English and journalism teacher in the Stratford school district starting in 2014. She was also an adjunct professor at Sacred Heart University.

     Mrs. Beth Gilman, current assistant principal, is happy to welcome Kelly as a new faculty member and is excited to work with her. With the various roles assistant principals have, she says a new member with fresh ideas is always welcome.

     “She’s got a lot of experience in social emotional learning; she has a lot of experience in the classroom, and we think that she’ll bring some really new and innovative ideas for our students.”

     The hiring process that took place was rigorous. The candidates first applied and then completed various interviews. There were a series of meetings with administrators to narrow down the selection of candidates for the final round. Then, candidates met with a group of administrators and a group of teachers. Finally, they met with a group of students, called the joint student committee.

     Colleen Ardolino, a junior on the joint student committee, believes Kelly will be a great addition to the staff and is excited to see her new ideas.

     “When I was interviewing her, she was very well spoken but related to the student council. She just seemed like a friendly face that you would want to see in the hallways.”

     Kelly officially began on Nov. 8. She will be the administrator overseeing the sophomores and seniors, and she is excited to get to know all of the students and staff. 

     Kelly says, “I have received such a warm welcome from the entire Foran community, and I am so happy to be part of the Milford school district. In my new role as assistant principal, I am looking forward to building relationships with the students and staff.” 

     She also looks forward to working with the school and town community to make Foran the best it can be.

     “I am excited to work in collaboration with the administrative team to continue the wonderful work that they have done. I am looking forward to hearing student and community input and using their feedback to support students and strengthen partnerships with families.”