50 Years of Lion Pride

Celebrating Foran’s 50th Anniversary


Hannah Salsbury

Foran’s Favorite Rock: The class of 2023 follows a generational tradition of painting the large rock that sits outside of the bottom floor entrance, August 30, 2022.

          With the arrival of 2023, Foran celebrates its 50th year, as generations of high school students have walked through its halls. Since Foran opened its doors in 1973, each class for the past five decades has left its mark. Students often pass by the sign claiming its first year in operation, as well as the vibrant painted rock near one of the entrances. 

          Not only have many students attended Foran, but generations of staff have worked to make the school what it is today. While many new faces have joined the staff, Foran is home to many long-standing educators.  

          Art teacher Ms. Meghan Hudson has spent the past 24 years at Foran, teaching around 17 classes throughout this time. Being here for over two decades, Hudson has seen many changes within the school.

          “New fashions and trends, faculty and staff have come and gone, facilities have changed, and educational philosophies have ebbed and flowed. Teaching the children of former students has been interesting,” reveals Hudson.

          Students from past graduating classes have stayed close to the Foran community, including a few staff members. Special education teacher and Foran class of 1999 graduate Mrs. Melissa Kaminski reflects on her time both as a student and as an educator.

          “I love seeing the amazing school spirit that is displayed nowadays. Spirit weeks weren’t a big thing back when I was in high school… I have made wonderful connections with staff and students and I love how everything has fallen into place on this journey of mine.” Remarks Kaminski. 

          Increased school spirit isn’t the only change Foran has faced through the years. Class of 2010 graduate and history teacher Mr. Zachary Phelan touches on the differences he has noticed.

          “The soccer program has become much better… as a four-year starter and senior captain, I had more red cards than we did wins,” says Phelan. However, this is not exclusive to the soccer department.

          “Overall, our sports facilities have become much more impressive,” Phelan comments.

          Although there is no doubt that many aspects of Foran have changed since it was founded, the school continues to honor a multitude of age-old traditions as well. Among these traditions are the annual senior sunrise and rock painting. The rock in front of the school depicts the handprints of generations of graduated classes. Senior Lauren Roth participated in both of these events.

          “It’s a great way to become closer with your gradeIt was nice to have different groups come together to celebrate our last year of high school,” says Roth.

          These traditions celebrate the high school experience, uniting the members of each unique graduating class despite their differences.

          It is evident that Foran’s transformations and traditions work together to define it. Generations of classes may come and go, but the school will never leave their memories. In its past 50 years, Foran has grown to become a special place for many.