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Melissa Santos

Melissa Santos, Co-Editor In Chief

Hi, My name is Melissa Santos and I am a senior at Foran High School. This year will be my third year in journalism and my first being Co- Editor in Chief. Outside of journalism, I am involved in the school’s Interact club and manage the boy’s basketball team. 


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Destruction on the Water: An overhead shot of the damage to the Mystic Seaport, November 28, 2022.

Mystic Fire Poses Deadly Threat

“Sometimes it takes something to realize how lucky we are”
Melissa Santos and Annabel Wardman | December 14, 2022

          On Sunday, November 27, 2022, there was a massive fire at the Seaport Marine in Mystic, CT. The fire started around 9 p.m., with sirens coming from the main street heading towards downtown. They roared for almost an hour and stopped close to 10 p.m. There were no casualties or injuries,...

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Vinyl: The Midnights: Moonstone Blue Edition, November 2, 2022.

[Photo] “Meet Me at Midnight”

Rumeysa Bayram, Staff Writer | November 30, 2022

Vinyl: The Midnights: Moonstone Blue Edition, November 2, 2022.

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In Memory: Foran students make stars to remember the veterans they know who fought for them, November 10, 2022. Photo Courtesy: Melissa Santos.

Veterans Day

Celebrating, Honoring, and Listening
Melissa Santos and Hannah Salsbury | November 11, 2022

   With Veterans Day being celebrated on Friday, November 11, Foran High School held an assembly on the Thursday before to honor the veterans of the greater Foran community. Along with the celebration there were guest speakers who came to different classrooms throughout the day to share their experience...

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Larissa Santos and her future colleagues: Students gathering at Southern New Hampshire University for a college tour. Photo Courtesy: Larissa Santos, February 20th, 2022.

Stepping Into the Future

A Breakdown of University Preparation
Melissa Santos and Annabel Wardman | March 1, 2022

     In their final years of high school, Junior and Senior students are faced with the intimidating task of applying to colleges. Most students have a general idea of what the application process entails, yet so many students struggle with the application and commitment process.       The...

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Love Sign: A decoration of an L-O-V-E sign in a party setting. Photo Courtesy: Jesse Goll, January, 11, 2022.

Valentine’s Day Through the Decades

Taking a Glimpse at the History of a Beloved Holiday
Melissa Santos and Annabel Wardman | February 14, 2022

     Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since the year 496. This holiday has been annually celebrated on the 14th of February for about 1,526 years.       The holiday is associated with the colors of pink and red hearts, as well as all things surrounding the concept of love. It is also believed...

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Locals Taking a Stroll: People walking on the green in downtown Milford.

Walking With the Lights

Local Lamplight Stroll Reaches its 19th Year
Melissa Santos and Annabel Wardman | December 8, 2021

     December is here, and the city of Milford is ready to spread holiday joy. This year marks the 19th Annual Downtown Lamplight Stroll, an event in which citizens gather downtown to celebrate the beauty of the city and its small businesses. This event took place on December third from five p.m....

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Powder Puff Practice: Foran junior and senior girls practicing for the annual game. Photo Courtesy: Tammi Spose, November 15, 2021.

Foran Girls Conquer Football

Powder Puff Preparations Underway
Melissa Santos and Annabel Wardman | November 22, 2021

     Friday night football games are among the most popular events known to high school students. Teens gather together in the stands to cheer on their team, and support their school.  Annually, teenage girls take on the challenging sport of football, in a tradition called Powder Puff.     ...

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Foran Bathroom: A student exiting the bathroom at Joseph A. Foran High School.

Tiktok’s Latest Trend Brings Chaos to Schools

Administration at Wits' End
Melissa Santos and Annabel Wardman | October 18, 2021

     TikTok has been extremely influential on high school students since the app's release in September 2016. A recent trend involves teenagers stealing items from public locations. The trend originated over the summer, when people began taking random items, dubbed “devious licks” off the street.   ...

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Empty Lifeguard Chair: An empty lifeguard chair at Gulf Beach. Photo Courtesy: Melissa Santos, September 17, 2021.

Summer Jobs: Students Balance School and Work

Melissa Santos, Staff Writer | September 21, 2021

     Summer jobs can be a significant part of high school students' lives. Even though some can argue about the downside of summer jobs, there are many benefits as to why every student should have one.      Mrs. Giustino, school counselor at Foran, says, “Summer jobs teach students a sense...

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Milford Pharmacy and Home Care. Photo courtesy: Jimmy Azhari.

New Pharmacy Replaces Howes Drug Pharmacy

Melissa Santos | June 2, 2021

     Howes Drug and Medical has been in downtown Milford for over 100 years, but that has recently changed when Jimmy Azhari bought the space and turned it into a new pharmacy, Milford Pharmacy and Home Care.       Azhari says, “We are a family, independent pharmacy, we know our customers’...

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Photo of Joseph A. Foran High School´s basketball team. Photo Courtesy of Zach Trevethan,January 13.

Let The Winter Games Begin

Will Winter Sports Start Soon
Melissa Santos, Staff Writer | January 13, 2021

     It’s that time of year again, Where the temperature starts to drop below freezing, and student-athletes at Joseph A. Foran High School are getting ready to start their winter season.      Mr. Vitelli, Foran’s athletic director says, “Once it is deemed safe for us to return to our...

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Photo is a picture of the giving logo of Salvation Army.Photo Courtesy of Laura Kruger, December 1st.

Salvation Army

A Time To Give
Melissa Santos, Staff Writer | December 16, 2020

     December is a wonderful month when people give back to one another, whether it is something big or small.The important thing is helping others, and that's what Salvation Army does.      The Salvation Army’s religious and social-service activities serve millions of men, women and children...

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Photo of the downtown milford and off the outside of Milford Static Era Records. Photo Courtesy of Melissa Santos and Jay Reason.

Downtown Milford Welcomes New Business

Milford Static Records Owned By Jay Reason
Melissa Santos, Staff Writer | November 20, 2020

     Starting a business is hard, but starting one during a pandemic is harder. How will they get people to come to their store? Are they selling something beneficial? Will they be a good change for our community?       Jay Reason opened Milford Static Era and Records in downtown Milford in...

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