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Melissa Santos

Melissa Santos, Staff Writer

     Hi, My name is Melissa Santos and I am a junior at Joseph A. Foran High School. I love to travel with my family. My favorite place to go is Paris because of the food there. When I am at home, I like to cook all different types of food.

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Foran Bathroom: A student exiting the bathroom at Joseph A. Foran High School.

Tiktok’s Latest Trend Brings Chaos to Schools

October 18, 2021

     TikTok has been extremely influential on high school students since the app's release in September 2016. A recent trend involves teenagers stealing items from public locations. The trend originated...

Empty Lifeguard Chair: An empty lifeguard chair at Gulf Beach. Photo Courtesy: Melissa Santos, September 17, 2021.

Summer Jobs: Students Balance School and Work

September 21, 2021

     Summer jobs can be a significant part of high school students' lives. Even though some can argue about the downside of summer jobs, there are many benefits as to why every student should have one.  ...

Milford Pharmacy and Home Care. Photo courtesy: Jimmy Azhari.

New Pharmacy Replaces Howes Drug Pharmacy

June 2, 2021

     Howes Drug and Medical has been in downtown Milford for over 100 years, but that has recently changed when Jimmy Azhari bought the space and turned it into a new pharmacy, Milford Pharmacy and...

Photo of Joseph A. Foran High School´s basketball team. Photo Courtesy of Zach Trevethan,January 13.

Let The Winter Games Begin

January 13, 2021

     It’s that time of year again, Where the temperature starts to drop below freezing, and student-athletes at Joseph A. Foran High School are getting ready to start their winter season.    ...

Photo is a picture of the giving logo of Salvation Army.Photo Courtesy of Laura Kruger, December 1st.

Salvation Army

December 16, 2020

     December is a wonderful month when people give back to one another, whether it is something big or small.The important thing is helping others, and that's what Salvation Army does.      The...

Photo of the downtown milford and off the outside of Milford Static Era Records. Photo Courtesy of Melissa Santos and Jay Reason.

Downtown Milford Welcomes New Business

November 20, 2020

     Starting a business is hard, but starting one during a pandemic is harder. How will they get people to come to their store? Are they selling something beneficial? Will they be a good change for...

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