New Pharmacy Replaces Howes Drug Pharmacy


Milford Pharmacy and Home Care. Photo courtesy: Jimmy Azhari.

Melissa Santos

     Howes Drug and Medical has been in downtown Milford for over 100 years, but that has recently changed when Jimmy Azhari bought the space and turned it into a new pharmacy, Milford Pharmacy and Home Care. 

     Azhari says, “We are a family, independent pharmacy, we know our customers’ names and we provide that 1:1 support.”

     They offer custom medication packaging that organizes prescriptions for customers. They also fill new and existing prescriptions in-store, by phone, online, and with their mobile app. There is also free delivery for prescriptions, grocery, and OTC items within a 10 mile distance. Their pharmacists help work with customer’s financial assistance if needed.

     Azhari says he opened up the pharmacy because, “My wife is a pharmacist and I noticed how hard she works and thought it would be perfect for her to run her own business.”

     Covid-19 was also a big factor in Azhari’s decision to open. To him, it was the perfect time to help support the local community. However, due to Covid-19, the process to open and get all paperwork approved was lengthy. 

     Azhari picked Milford because it, “is a different town, people love to support small businesses, and everyone’s friendly.”

     Milford Pharmacy and Home Care is becoming one of the many pharmacies being added to Connecticut’s Covid-19 vaccination program. They will begin to give the vaccine to age groups 12 and older, and appointments are easier to get now than ever.

     The pharmacy is located right on the Milford Green at 78 Broad Street. They are open 6 days per week. On Monday through Friday, they are open from 9am to 7pm, as well as Saturdays from 10am to 3pm.

     Milford Pharmacy and Home Care forms special one on one connections with their patients to help them get back to normal.