Summer Jobs: Students Balance School and Work


Melissa Santos

Empty Lifeguard Chair: An empty lifeguard chair at Gulf Beach. Photo Courtesy: Melissa Santos, September 17, 2021.

Melissa Santos, Staff Writer

     Summer jobs can be a significant part of high school students’ lives. Even though some can argue about the downside of summer jobs, there are many benefits as to why every student should have one.

     Mrs. Giustino, school counselor at Foran, says, “Summer jobs teach students a sense of responsibility, provide students an opportunity to learn and grow, and allow them to make money.  It also provides them with the experience they need to get future jobs.”

     In both her professional opinion and own personal experience, she believes there are more pros than cons to summer jobs. A negative effect about summer jobs is that a boss can be demanding if they are understaffed, which is mainly the case now. Due to Covid-19 and students moving to college, many companies are in desperate need of help. 

     Giustino says, “Sometimes [jobs] can bring too much stress when the summer is meant for relaxing and recharging.”

     Another downside is that students are missing out on their summer experience with friends, which may make them feel left out. However, while summer jobs have their troubles, they allow students to create bonds with new people.

     If a person can balance their social and work life, then they will be more prepared for the professional world.

     Joey Honcz, a senior at Foran, worked at Marshalls this summer. He put in an average of 20 hours a week and only worked four days. 

     According to the Employment and Unemployment Among Youth Summary by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the summer from the months of April and July the employment youth percentage rose by 11.8%

     Having a part time job helped Honcz after he got his driver’s license and was driving at the time, he was in need of gas all the time. When he needed the money, he didn’t always have to ask his parents. 

     Summer jobs help students become more responsible and become less dependent on their parents. 

     Honcz’s advice for students next summer is, “Don’t just apply at one specific place. Put applications into many different businesses because not every position is going to be available everywhere.” 

     Get applications ready because with the many businesses in need of employees the jobs will be filled fast. Here is a listing of some businesses in Milford that are seeking employment : Jobs in Milford, CT.