Foran Girls Conquer Football

Powder Puff Preparations Underway


Powder Puff Practice: Foran junior and senior girls practicing for the annual game. Photo Courtesy: Tammi Spose, November 15, 2021.

Melissa Santos and Annabel Wardman

     Friday night football games are among the most popular events known to high school students. Teens gather together in the stands to cheer on their team, and support their school.  Annually, teenage girls take on the challenging sport of football, in a tradition called Powder Puff. 

     As the Joseph A. Foran versus Jonathan Law game approaches, practices are underway, and players and coaches are beginning their preparations. 

     Mrs. Tammi Spose, a Foran math teacher, is a returning coach for the 2021 team alongside Foran health teacher, Mr. Jeff Raucci.

     Raucci says, “There’s a lot of information to take in, but so far they have done tremendous.”

     With only 10 practices together before the game, the girls all have a lot to learn, but the players and coaches are optimistic. 

     “There are times in practices where some of them surprise themselves with what they’re capable of with the sport: understanding situations, catching passes, passing, snapping…  that is really cool and motivating to see,” says Raucci. 

     The majority of the team has little to no experience in playing football. Some girls may participate in family games or gym class activities, but for some of the girls, it is their first attempt at taking on the sport. 

     Spose says, “Powder Puff allows all girls, athletic or not, to be included. It builds teamwork, confidence, lasting friendships and memories. It also allows girls who are athletes or not, to showcase their abilities on the field.”

     Foran’s team began practice on November 10, and the girls have made significant headway in the few practices that have taken place so far. 

     Senior player Elizabeth Schumann says, “The team is coming along great, there’s a lot of potential this season, and everyone is working hard in the positions that they are in.”

     Students are especially looking forward to the game, as it represents a return to normalcy following Covid-19. Junior Lauren Roth, from Foran is among the many students counting down the days leading up to the game.

     Roth says, “I’m really looking forward to watching the girls Powder Puff game…  It’s been so long since our school has been able to hold such a fun, light-hearted event that everyone loves.”

     The game is set to take place Tuesday, November 23, at Law, and it will undoubtedly be a night to remember. 

     Spose says, “Honestly, a win would be fantastic but I just hope the girls have fun and enjoy the experience.”