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Annabel Wardman

Annabel Wardman, Staff Writer

     Hi, my name is Annabel Wardman and I am a junior at Foran High School. I am a part of the Foran cheer team and spend free time babysitting and working at the Sundae House. Some of my favorite pastimes include reading and sitting at the beach, and I love traveling and going on long drives.

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Larissa Santos and her future colleagues: Students gathering at Southern New Hampshire University for a college tour. Photo Courtesy: Larissa Santos, February 20th, 2022.

Stepping Into the Future

A Breakdown of University Preparation
March 1, 2022

     In their final years of high school, Junior and Senior students are faced with the intimidating task of applying to colleges. Most students have a general idea of what the application process entails, yet so many students struggle with the application and commitment process.       The...

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Love Sign: A decoration of an L-O-V-E sign in a party setting. Photo Courtesy: Jesse Goll, January, 11, 2022.

Valentine’s Day Through the Decades

Taking a Glimpse at the History of a Beloved Holiday
February 14, 2022

     Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since the year 496. This holiday has been annually celebrated on the 14th of February for about 1,526 years.       The holiday is associated with the colors of pink and red hearts, as well as all things surrounding the concept of love. It is also believed...

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Locals Taking a Stroll: People walking on the green in downtown Milford.

Walking With the Lights

Local Lamplight Stroll Reaches its 19th Year
December 8, 2021

     December is here, and the city of Milford is ready to spread holiday joy. This year marks the 19th Annual Downtown Lamplight Stroll, an event in which citizens gather downtown to celebrate the beauty of the city and its small businesses. This event took place on December third from five p.m....

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Powder Puff Practice: Foran junior and senior girls practicing for the annual game. Photo Courtesy: Tammi Spose, November 15, 2021.

Foran Girls Conquer Football

Powder Puff Preparations Underway
November 22, 2021

     Friday night football games are among the most popular events known to high school students. Teens gather together in the stands to cheer on their team, and support their school.  Annually, teenage girls take on the challenging sport of football, in a tradition called Powder Puff.     ...

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Foran Bathroom: A student exiting the bathroom at Joseph A. Foran High School.

Tiktok’s Latest Trend Brings Chaos to Schools

Administration at Wits' End
October 18, 2021

     TikTok has been extremely influential on high school students since the app's release in September 2016. A recent trend involves teenagers stealing items from public locations. The trend originated over the summer, when people began taking random items, dubbed “devious licks” off the street.   ...

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