Walking With the Lights

Local Lamplight Stroll Reaches its 19th Year


Melissa Santos

Locals Taking a Stroll: People walking on the green in downtown Milford.

Melissa Santos and Annabel Wardman

     December is here, and the city of Milford is ready to spread holiday joy. This year marks the 19th Annual Downtown Lamplight Stroll, an event in which citizens gather downtown to celebrate the beauty of the city and its small businesses. This event took place on December third from five p.m. to nine p.m. 

     The Lamplight Stroll was created by members of the Downtown Milford Business Association to bring the Milford community together during the holidays. Visiting the shops and strolling through the city is an excellent way to get into the holiday spirit. 

     There were 40 small business vendors on the green selling handmade items, home goods, jewelry, and more. In addition, there will be eight different musical components spread throughout downtown Milford, adding to the ambiance.

     Along with the music and shops, the horse-drawn carriage rides were free. Pick up for the rides were located at Scratch Baking and transported passengers in a circuit around the green. 

     Mrs. Tracey Bonosconi, president and organizer for the DMBA, says, “It’s such an enchanting ride to see all the Christmas lights lit up on the green and to hear music throughout downtown with people bustling about.”

     To encourage shopping locally for the holiday season, the DMBA launched its first annual Red Ticket Promotion.

     The day of the Lamplight Stroll was a double coupon day. Normally for every $50 spent at participating businesses, a shopper would get just one red ticket, but on December third customers get two tickets for every $50 spent. This program will run till December 23, and the raffle winner will be announced the following day, on the green at two p.m.

    Mr. Barry Gordan and Mrs. Rosemary Gordan are owners of local business, Gilded Lily Gallery and one of the original members of the DMBA that put the first Lamplight Stroll together. The Gordans love this event because local artists gain exposure from a wider audience.

     The Gordans say, “It’s a great venue that attracts many people outside of the area and exposes them to all the small owned businesses that are unique to Milford, many which come back and spend more time visiting all our small businesses and supporting us.”