Micalizzi’s Makeover

Sweet Treats in Milford’s Streets


Fiona Ciambriello

A Look Inside Micalizzi’s: Micalizzi’s vibrant interior, May 1, 2022.

         Micalizzi’s Italian Ice opened during the summer of 2021 in downtown Milford and is currently up and running for the season. As of last year, Micalizzi’s offered only ice cream, Italian ice, and cookie ice cream sandwiches called Peace Cookies. This year, the new menu is offering an abundance of new flavors, toppings, and cookie flavors.

         This summer not only does Micalizzi’s offer new flavors such as butter pecan, and toppings, but entire new items are available for purchase. Micalizzi’s menu now includes smoothies, milkshakes, sundaes, and micablizzis; which are blizzards. 

         Sundaes offered include old fashion, which is made up of two scoops of ice cream, one topping, whipped cream, hot fudge, and a cherry. The remaining sundaes are the brownie sundae, cannoli sundae, and banana sundae. 

         The flavors provided have proven to be excellent in both quality and taste. This is only Micalizzi’s second year in business on the Milford Green and has already made a positive name for itself.

         An employee of Micalizzi’s, Logan Aronson who began working this year, says that, “My favorite items on the menu are the cannoli ice cream and the margarita Italian ice! They are both great flavors to try. They are my favorites because I grew up on Italian desserts like cannoli and the margarita Italian ice is just so good!” 

         The variety of new flavors helps to provide options for those who may be uninterested in generic flavors. As well, many flavors are unique to Micalizzi’s and are not commonly seen within nearby shops. The staff encourages customers to take free samples of the flavors prior to ordering to ensure customer happiness. While the Italian ice menu has remained the same, butter pecan and chocolate peanut butter have been added to the ice cream menu. 

         Scott Pelham, a former customer in review of Micalizzi’s states, “Even as someone who is not all that fond of Italian ice, the piña colada Italian ice at Micalizzi’s was delicious and I definitely recommend it.” 

         While having spectacular desserts, Micalizzi’s does not only cater to humans, they offer a sweet treat for dogs as well. Dog ice is a dog-safe ice cream sold by Micalizzi’s that has become very popular for many pet owners. As well as having dog treats, Micalizzi’s welcomes furry friends into their shop with access to water for all pets.   

         Owner, Frank Formicola says, “This year we are contributing to immerse ourselves in community events to further engrain ourselves into the fabric of the town of Milford. We also have a great group of energetic employees that create a fun, yet diligent work environment.” 

         Formicola is the new boss this year and cannot wait for the summer season. He is currently seeking new staff members and is interested in interviewing anyone with flexible work hours. 

         For more information on Micalizzi’s Italian Ice services and job opportunities call (203) 283-1614 or visit their website at http://micalizzis.com/ .