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Voter Registration: Seniors who turned 18 before November 2, 2021 were eligible for voter registration. Photo courtesy: Tammy Carino, September 28, 2021.

Political Candidates Lost High School Seniors’ Support

Few Register to Vote on Election Day
Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | November 18, 2021

     The Tuesday following the first Monday of November is Election Day. When citizens reach the age of 18, they begin to consider whether or not to take part in any elections.       The 26th Amendment of the United States Constitution changed the voting age limit from 21 years old to 18 years...

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The World Best Choice: Football fields with long solar panels cover the countryside in India as the country increases their net green energy, Photo Courtesy: Abhishek Chinnappa, October 14, 2021.

Climate Change Brings the Heat to the United Nations

Luke Thomas, Staff Writer | November 11, 2021

     With the United Nations General Assembly’s annual meeting wrapping up, one of the biggest, most heated debates of the year has been about climate change.       On Sept. 13-14, 2021, representatives of all 193 countries in the United Nations General Assembly met together in New York to...

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Parking Poses: Seniors Sean Ayoub, Delaney Mayville, and Bella Mema show off their new parking passes.

A New Look for Student Drivers

Addressing the Parking Pass Requirement
Bella Mema and Sean Ayoub | October 22, 2021

     Sudden stops, quick decisions, inexperience. It's a scary thought, but the reality is there is an inherent risk every time you sit behind the wheel. In an effort to reduce incidents in the school parking lot, students are encouraged to obtain their parking passes as soon as they begin driving...

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Mental Health and Social Media: The percentage of teens who have depressive episodes and either consider or attempt suicide increases as the amount of time teens spend using electronic devices increases.

Cutting Back

Recognizing the Harmful Effects of Social Media
Connor Nieman, Content Editor | October 22, 2021

     The internet and social media are dominating our lives. Social media has compromised our communication skills, strained family relationships, and negatively impacted mental health.      One of the primary reasons why people have a hard time putting down their phones is because social media...

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One of 28 Trillion: A one dollar note represents the scope of the National Debt.

Empty Vaults

The Massive National Debt and its Effects
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | October 18, 2021

     The National Debt has long loomed over the heads of Congress and Federal Agencies. Ever since the American Revolution forced borrowing by state governments to fund the war effort, and Alexander Hamilton united state debt under the federal government, much of United States History has involved...

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ConnectiCon 2021: Bianca Torres, Lauren Seitz, and William Ryuputra pose in front of the convention center with friends. Photo courtesy: Julianne Yasona, September 11, 2021.

The Return of the Annual ConnectiCon

Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | October 4, 2021

     With the commencement of Covid-19 vaccinations, health safety restrictions are loosening up. More and more events are taking place once again, such as Connecticut’s biggest and longest-running pop-culture event — ConnectiCon.      ConnectiCon is a multi-fandom event for pop-culture...

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Paul Grillo and his Brothers in Their Air Force Uniforms. Courtesy: Paul Grillo.

The Chaotic End of the 20 Year War

Veterans' Opinions on the Collapse of Afghanistan
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | September 24, 2021

     Throughout the beginning of the 21st century, the United States has been embroiled in the war and politics of one nation: Afghanistan. For 20 years, the fire of war raged through the country until the sudden evacuation of US forces in August 2021. Because of this quick evacuation, Afghanistan’s...

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Dumbbells and elastic bands are a great way to stay fit. Photo Courtesy: James Dalby.

Commit to be Fit

Why and How to Become More Active
James Dalby | June 7, 2021

     Especially in these times, physical health and fitness is an important component in every person's life. Striving to improve physical health has the power to benefit lives. It allows people to get out of their comfort zone and to push themselves. It is something more people should be doing, and...

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Teal is the color of the sexual assault ribbon. Photo courtesy: Steph Galaburri, May 19, 2021.

Put an End to Sexual Violence

Stephanie Galaburri | May 26, 2021

     Sexual violence is an inhumane act far too common in society. In Connecticut, sexual assault is defined as an event where a person cannot or does not consent to an activity.      According to, "As of 1998, an estimated 17.7 million American women had been victims of attempted...

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Riding through the snow: Ronan safely navigates the icy roads. Photo courtesy: Ronan Smith, January 6, 2021.

Driving in the Snow

Luca Ubaldi and Anthony Giordano | January 28, 2021

     As the colder parts of winter come, snow can create hazards on the roads. It is important to understand the proper techniques for driving in these months.       According to, it is key to drive smoothly when there is a layer of snow on the road. You should keep more distance...

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Making the Most of the Snow: Isabella Torres making snow angels. Photo courtesy: Bianca Torres. December 2016.

Battling Winter Blues

Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | January 27, 2021

     The first snow can be exciting for many, but not everyone sees the beauty and the fun of the winter season. People can develop a strong feeling of depression whenever the season and climate change, and it is typically caused by less daylight, which is why people are more likely to develop this...

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Photo Caption: Senior Jacob Shushan and his best friends.
Photo Courtesy: Jacob Shushan September 5, 2020

Building Bonds With Peers

Tatyanna Bun, Staff Writer | January 26, 2021

     Making and keeping friends in life can be very hard and difficult for some people. So it is important to know and think about what it means to be a good friend to someone and how valuable it actually can be.       According to, it is evident that having strong friendships...

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