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Jimmy D'Angelo, Business Editor

Hi, my name is Jimmy D’Angelo and I am a Senior at Foran High School. This is my third year writing for the Mane Street Mirror and I am the co-business editor. I play Lacrosse here at Foran, I'm a part of clothing the community and ski club ,and my other hobbies are hanging out with my friends and golfing. 

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Supporter Wave: Mayor Giannattasio waves and thanks supporters after being sworn in, November 20, 2023.

Behind the Scenes of the Milford Mayor: Tony Giannattasio

Jimmy D'Angelo and Eli Gomes | April 16, 2024

           Milford’s newly elected Mayor Tony Giannattasio is the first Republican elected mayor in twelve years after defeating Democratic candidate Kerri Rowland. He was sworn in on Nov. 20, 2023 as Milford’s twelfth mayor.             Giannattasio has been in public service for...

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Freshman Takeover: Freshman Jaxon Staples and John Johnson takeover the court, December 21, 2024.

Freshman Phenoms

Freshmen Take Over The Basketball Court
Jimmy D'Angelo and Eli Gomes | January 26, 2024

             Foran basketball is off to a strong start, under the lead of two Freshmen Jaxon Staples and John Johnson. The team beat their cross-town rival early in the season for the first time in 13 games and qualified for the state tournament with a win over the Shelton Gaels on January...

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Bringing the Heat: Boots Payne delivers a pitch in his All-SCC sophomore year.

Q&A With Brandon (Boots) Payne

Jimmy D'Angelo and Kasen Lanese | January 18, 2024

           Q: Going into your fourth year as a starter, what are you doing to prepare for the baseball season?              A: Working on both my hitting, and pitching skills. As well as attempting to organize off-season workouts for the rest of the team. We are all trying to be...

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Grillo at Work:  Grillo announcing at the foran boys basketball game. December 14, 2023.

Voice in The Box

The Voice Behind Foran’s Sports
Jimmy D'Angelo and Eli Gomes | January 11, 2024

          "And that will be enough for another Foran Lions first down!” Anybody who goes to a Foran football game knows that iconic phrase, but people may not know who is behind that voice: Mr. Paul Grillo.           Although it might seem like Grillo has a natural instinct for announcing,...

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Top Performers: Gracie Brooks and Gaby Magnuson pose as they are recognized as CT High School Top volleyball performers for the third straight week, October 10, 2023.

Milestones at Foran

Foran Volleyball players hit huge milestones
Jimmy D'Angelo and Eli Gomes | November 7, 2023

           This year is special for the Foran Girls Volleyball team. Two junior volleyball players reached huge season milestones, both taking place during their home game against Cheshire on October 6.             The teams outside hitter Gracie Brooks reached a milestone of 100 kills...

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Student Protest: Students protesting school shootings with the national school shooting walkout April 20, 2018.

School Shootings and Their Impact on School Environments

Jimmy D'Angelo and Eli Gomes | October 10, 2023

           In wake of the shooting at UNC Chapel Hill, the impact of school shootings in the school environment has once again come into focus. The tragic event that occurred on Aug. 28 reminds the world of the impact this act of violence has on the students, faculty and the entire community.   ...

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 Harborside Middle School: Downtown school could be closing due to the $1.8 million cut, April 25, 2023.

Milford Public Schools Budget in Crisis Mode

Parents demand reinstatement of $1.8 million spending request
James D'Angelo and Cian Carroll | May 3, 2023

             Parents, school board members, and students are up in arms about a Board of Finance (BOF) proposal to reduce the amount of funding the school board requested for its budget next year. The Milford Board of Education (BOE) proposed a $106.5 million budget for the coming school year,...

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Manager Marchesseault on senior night: Gavin Marchesseault taking a picture with Coach Drew on football senior night, November 10, 2022.

Manager Marchesseault: The Face Behind Foran Athletics

Cian Carroll and James D'Angelo | March 6, 2023

          Gavin Marchesseault is an integral part of the Foran community. For the past few years, he has worked as a team manager for a variety of teams such as baseball, basketball, and football. As a high school team manager, he is responsible for giving support to the players, hyping them up,...

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Foran’s Successful History: Foran’s illustrious trophy case by the gym, January 27, 2023.

The History of Foran Athletics

Cian Carroll and James D'Angelo | January 31, 2023

          In 1973, Foran was established, along with the athletic department that now offers 13 sports to its students. Cross country, football, girls swimming, boys soccer, and volleyball were all added in the fall of 1973. In the winter, Foran offered basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, and boys...

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Astronomy Dome Controls: These computers control what goes up on the dome screen for students to see, December 14, 2022. Photo Courtesy: Jimmy D’Angelo.

The History of Foran’s Planetarium

James D'Angelo and Cian Carroll | January 6, 2023

   First opened in 1973, Foran’s planetarium is a rare sight to see in schools. The planetarium is one of only 22 high school planetariums in the state. Making it even more exceptional, Foran’s planetarium is a Digistar 7 planetarium, one of only 13 in K-12 schools worldwide.    Although it’s...

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Soccer team huddles up together: The team gameplans for whats next, November 4, 2022.

Boys Soccer Strikes their way to Suffield

First Round of States Monday
Cian Carroll and James D'Angelo | November 7, 2022

The boys soccer team finished with a record of 8-5-3 in the regular season and will start as the 25 seed in the state tournament. Their first game is Monday November 7 against Suffield High School who had a regular season record of 11-3-1. The team recently made their first SCC tournament game in school...

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Mariners Hockey: The Mariners hockey team poses together for a team picture, January 18, 2022.

Preparing for Winter Sports: Season Training Begins

Cian Carroll and James D'Angelo | October 28, 2022

          Winter sports are right around the corner, and preseason conditioning and preparation has begun. Basketball, hockey, wrestling, indoor track, and boys swimming are some of the teams preparing for the upcoming season. The road to success for these sports begins as the preseason kicks off. Basketball  ...

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Para of the Year: Student Cameron Luth and Grillo in the classroom, May 11, 2022.

Mr. Grillo Wins Paraprofessional of the Year

Cian Carroll and James D'Angelo | May 16, 2022

          Mr. Paul Grillo is an important part of the Foran community. He clearly loves his job and makes school fun and enjoyable for students. Because of this, it might not come as a surprise that he won the 2022 para of the year.           Principal Max Berkowitz shares his insight on...

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Entrance: Westshore Recreation Center entrance on 14, Benham Ave, Milford, CT.

Rec Basketball in Milford

James D'Angelo, Staff Writer | April 6, 2022

     Rec basketball is a great way for the Milford residents to continue to play a sport they love. Rec Basketball can be played at the West Shore Recreation center on, 14 Benham Ave, Milford CT.      The West Shore Recreation center provides a fun and safe environment for the community to enjoy...

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Before and After: A Before and After Photo of the Robert Treat Memorial Bridge. Photo Courtesy: and Cian Carroll, February 6, 2022.

The Unique History of Milford

Cian Carroll and James D'Angelo | March 10, 2022

     Founded in 1639, Milford has exhibited traits of a coastal city with a beautiful downtown and several notable landmarks. The city we call home has changed dramatically over the past 383 years.      One of the oldest cities in all of the U.S. has a very rich history. From the U.S. becoming...

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Boys Lacrosse: Team huddle after Eli Gomes scores a goal. Photo Courtesy: Maria Croktan

Looking Ahead to Spring Sports

Cian Carroll and James D'Angelo | February 2, 2022

     Spring sports are around the corner and student-athletes and coaches throughout Foran are beginning to prepare for the season. As the season closes in, the excitement builds for sports such as baseball, outdoor track and field, lacrosse, tennis and softball.       One student in particular...

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 Family Time: Mr. Spinetti spends time with his family during his leave. Photo courtesy: Mr. Spinetti, Nov 9, 2021.

Advantages of Paternity Leave

Cian Carroll and James D'Angelo | November 23, 2021

     Paternity leaves have recently become a hot topic of discussion. Debates have risen around the U.S, some believe that men shouldn’t be paid during paternity leaves, or even not have them at all.       According to a Pew Research center article,...

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Athletes in Action: Students participate in team-building activities. Photo courtesy: Catherine GaNun, October 12, 2021.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

James D'Angelo and Cian Carroll | October 21, 2021

     Teamwork is undoubtedly an essential skill for any job. A perfect way to learn this trait is in the new course T.E.A.M.S, which stands for Together, Explore, Ask questions & share ideas, Members of your team, Smarter together than apart.       The leaders of this course are teachers...

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