Rec Basketball in Milford

     Rec basketball is a great way for the Milford residents to continue to play a sport they love. Rec Basketball can be played at the West Shore Recreation center on, 14 Benham Ave, Milford CT.

     The West Shore Recreation center provides a fun and safe environment for the community to enjoy activities they sign up for. This gives kids in the community a chance to play in a non-competitive league while having fun with their friends. 

     When signing up for Rec-basketball, community members are given the option to either get put on a random team or they can join a team with their friends. The Rec department provides the players with a team jersey before the season starts to wear at each game. 

     There are all different levels of play for each of the sports within the recreation department, a youth level and a high school level, where grades 9/10 and 11/12 play against each other.