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Ronan Smith, Staff Writer

     Hi there! I’m Ronan Smith, and I’m a senior. I am very interested in politics, history, foreign policy and foreign relations. I am both a Canadian and an American, and because of that I love to involve myself and write about the politics and relations between both countries!

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To the Ballot Box: A voter parking sign sits outside of Harborside Middle School, a polling place, August 11, 2020.

Red Tsunami

Why a Major GOP Victory Should Be Expected in the 2022 Midterms
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | May 16, 2022

          In 2020, the United States saw a massive wave of Democratic politicians elected to office, including no less than the president, Joe Biden. However, in November of 2021, following an election in New Jersey won ever so closely by Phil Murphy, and an election which saw the “safe” blue...

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St. Mary’s Church: A Catholic Church near downtown Milford. Taken on March 15, 2022.

Milford’s Holy Houses

A Showcase of the Religious Buildings in Milford
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | March 25, 2022

     Milford is a city made up of many faiths. Many different religions, with origins dating back centuries and spanning much of the globe, have taken root within the city’s boundaries. These buildings, while centered on worship, can often go unnoticed, especially with those that are not churches.  ...

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Holding Up The Banner: Mr. Cesare’s AP US History students hold up the Ukrainian Flag.

The Death of European Peace

Why America Must Roll Back Putin's New USSR
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | March 22, 2022

     The story being written on the streets of Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Mariupol are the same ancient tales of war being retold once more.       The classic statement “If we do not learn from our history, we are doomed to repeat it,” does not hold a true stance in this situation. The greater...

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Pirate Paradise: Charles Island in the afternoon.

The Pirates of Charles Island

Tales of Old and Gold
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | February 16, 2022

     The sea and ocean trade has long been at the forefront of human history, and it is said that whenever a shark swims, there will always be a leech on its belly. In the case of oceangoing trade, that leech was, and in parts of the world still is, piracy.       Piracy and its actors, pirates,...

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Capitol Chaos: The US Capitol in downtown Washington DC. Photo Courtesy: Elliot Lyons, November 21, 2019.

Built Back Better?

Reflecting on the First Year of the Biden Presidency
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | January 20, 2022

     After the turbulent final year of Donald Trump’s presidency, many Americans expected stability and recovery to come from a new White House. The year, however, has been marked by nearly the exact opposite effects in many ways.      With the collapse of the Afghan National Army (ANA) and...

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Defending against Delta: Students wear masks to prevent Covid-19. Taken Dec. 21, 2021.

New Covid-19 Variant May End Pandemic After Two Years

The Quick Rise of Omicron
Connor Nieman and Ronan Smith | December 22, 2021

     Variants for Covid-19 have often caused fear. From the early variants to delta, they have often changed the virus’ strength or its ability to spread. However, recent developments in South Africa may pave the road to the end.      As of December 21, the Omicron variant of Covid-19, originally...

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Make the Season Bright: Christmas decorations are hung up at Jack Godek’s house.

Eggnog and Latkes

A History of Hanukkah and Christmas
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | December 20, 2021

     Christmas needs no introduction. It is perhaps one of the most celebrated holidays in the world, being both the most popular in the United States, and is celebrated by over 2 billion Christians worldwide. However, Christmas is not the only holiday traditionally celebrated in the month of December,...

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Hiker’s Dream: A map of the trails within Sleeping Giant State Park. Taken August 6, 2021.

[Photo] The Trails of the Constitution State

Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | December 15, 2021

Hiker’s Dream: A map of the trails within Sleeping Giant State Park. Taken August 6, 2021.

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The Polish in America: The Polish flag flies in the Valley region of CT.

NATO, CIS Face Off at Border

Fight Over Migrants Spreads Through Eastern Europe
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | December 9, 2021

     For the first time in over 75 years, Poland, along with neighbors Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia, is the largest flashpoint for major world conflict. While looking at the migrant crisis through a direct approach will make the previous statement seem incorrect, it becomes clear in context.  ...

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Pilgrims at Plymouth: A look down the main street of the Plimoth Plantation Living History Museum.

The Tale of Turkey Day

The History of the Holidays
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | November 15, 2021

     Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated across North America. While most associate it with the United States, there are other versions celebrated across Canada and in both American and Canadian expat communities as well.       While not as widespread around the world as other holidays famous...

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Rebel Territory: The Tigray Region highlighted within a map of Ethiopia.

Tigray Terror

Ethiopia's Capital Awaits Rebel Advance
Olivia Salai and Ronan Smith | November 10, 2021

     Ethiopia, the second-largest nation in Africa, has faced brutal battles over the last quarter century, but their most recent conflict may prove to be their downfall. Under the rule of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), the country waged an intense 15 year war against the previous dictatorship,...

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One of 28 Trillion: A one dollar note represents the scope of the National Debt.

Empty Vaults

The Massive National Debt and its Effects
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | October 18, 2021

     The National Debt has long loomed over the heads of Congress and Federal Agencies. Ever since the American Revolution forced borrowing by state governments to fund the war effort, and Alexander Hamilton united state debt under the federal government, much of United States History has involved...

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A Spooky Sight: A ceramic Jack-O-Lantern decoration meant to last for many Octobers. Photo Courtesy: Jack Godek, September 30, 2021.

From Samhain to Sweets

The History and Evolution of Halloween
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | October 7, 2021

     Halloween is a popular holiday in the United States. Some enjoy the spooky aesthetic, others the costumes.  Even more enjoy watching horror movies with friends and family, and for many, it's all about candy. While this sugar-tooth and horror fan’s dream of a holiday may seem a relatively recent...

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Paul Grillo and his Brothers in Their Air Force Uniforms. Courtesy: Paul Grillo.

The Chaotic End of the 20 Year War

Veterans' Opinions on the Collapse of Afghanistan
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | September 24, 2021

     Throughout the beginning of the 21st century, the United States has been embroiled in the war and politics of one nation: Afghanistan. For 20 years, the fire of war raged through the country until the sudden evacuation of US forces in August 2021. Because of this quick evacuation, Afghanistan’s...

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The Flag of the NATO Alliance: Courtesy of NATO.

Tensions Boil Between NATO and Sino-Russian Alliance

Ronan Smith | May 18, 2021

     Ever since the rise of NATO and the Warsaw Pact in the midst of the Cold War, the US has fought economically, militarily and by proxy, with Russia and China. The first conflict, the often forgotten Korean War, between both sides started in 1950 and has been ongoing since then. However, it is...

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The AHL’s XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Taken February 17, 2017. Photo Courtesy of Ronan Smith.

Puck Soon To Be Dropped On The 2021 NHL Season:

Is the National Hockey League really ready?
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | December 16, 2020

     Millions of hockey fans sat by their televisions this August and September. After six long months, the National Hockey League had returned, but it wouldn’t stay for long. The short playoff season was unpopular with many and several teams felt as though they had been cheated out of a chance...

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The Canadian Embassy and Capitol Building, Washington D.C. Taken November 2019.
Photo Courtesy of Ronan Smith.

Brothers and Borders: How the Shutdown Has Affected Both Sides of North America

Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | November 17, 2020

     In February and March it came. A virus from the city of Wuhan in China had crossed the mighty Pacific Ocean. Touching down in both Canada and the United States, it quickly consumed the minds of people, and captured many of them with illness. This novel Coronavirus, or Covid-19, caused one of...

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