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Ronan Smith, Staff Writer

     Hi there! I’m Ronan Smith, and I’m a senior. I am very interested in politics, history, foreign policy and foreign relations. I am both a Canadian and an American, and because of that I love to involve myself and write about the politics and relations between both countries!

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The Flag of the NATO Alliance: Courtesy of NATO.

Tensions Boil Between NATO and Sino-Russian Alliance

May 18, 2021

     Ever since the rise of NATO and the Warsaw Pact in the midst of the Cold War, the US has fought economically, militarily and by proxy, with Russia and China. The first conflict, the often forgotten...

The AHL’s XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Taken February 17, 2017. Photo Courtesy of Ronan Smith.

Puck Soon To Be Dropped On The 2021 NHL Season:

December 16, 2020

     Millions of hockey fans sat by their televisions this August and September. After six long months, the National Hockey League had returned, but it wouldn’t stay for long. The short playoff season...

The Canadian Embassy and Capitol Building, Washington D.C. Taken November 2019.
Photo Courtesy of Ronan Smith.

Brothers and Borders: How the Shutdown Has Affected Both Sides of North America

November 17, 2020

     In February and March it came. A virus from the city of Wuhan in China had crossed the mighty Pacific Ocean. Touching down in both Canada and the United States, it quickly consumed the minds of...

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