Sleepy Sloth Club Creating Better Sleep Habits


Sleeper Pals: One of the projects the club is working on by having members paint bags and notebooks. Photo courtesy: Anna Harris, October 1, 2021.

Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden

     High school students notoriously don’t get enough sleep with the stress of school, sports, and other activities. Many could benefit from joining the new Sleepy Sloths Club that helps prevent sleep deprivation.

     Junior Anna Harris started the Sleepy Sloths Club this year in hopes to help students create better mindsets and sleep routines to overall help their mental health.

     Harris says, “Sleep seems to be one of the main underlying factors of a student’s lack of mental strength. Most students I’ve asked at Foran have said that they don’t get enough sleep.”

     A healthy diet and regular exercise are always encouraged for people to follow, but a proper sleeping schedule should be considered in the same lines as well. Insomnia or chronic sleep deprivation can cause a lot of short-term problems, like a higher chance of getting into a car accident, and health problems that can be fatal, such as heart attacks.

     An online health information provider called Healthline states, “According to [JAMA Internal Medicine] researchers… Sleep problems often stem from stress and worry, but meditation improves your relaxation response. It also improves control of the autonomic nervous system, which reduces how easily you’re awakened.”

     In short, hyperactivity and stress can cause people to develop sleeping problems, but researchers have shown that this issue may be resolved or reduced through the practice of meditation, which eases the mind. 

     Math teacher Ms. Ashley Springsteen is the advisor for the Sleepy Sloths Club. Springsteen claims that the objective of the club is to help students develop a healthier relationship with their minds and bodies. 

     She says, “We will spend time learning more about sleep, create sleeper pals, and plan mental health and wellness activities for the club and community.”

     Sleeper pals is one of the projects the club is working on. They are painted bags to provide material helpful for sleeping, including eye masks, earplugs, notebooks, and lavender. Members can earn volunteer hours for painting a bag or notebook.

     Members will also be learning about methods for better sleep, including the benefits or downsides to naps and what foods are best. There are even lessons about the effect of caffeine and the dangers of drowsy driving.

     Sleepy Sloths Club usually holds meetings every other Friday in room 303 after school. The next meeting is Friday, December 17. Students can join using the classroom code 6qeobpn. New members are always welcome!