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Julianne Yasona, Staff Writer

     Hi! My name is Julianne Yasona, and I’m a senior at Foran. I’m in my school’s orchestra, and I have been playing the viola since 6th grade. I like food, music, and movies, and I’m interested in writing about them. 

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Top Two: Seniors Megan McTigue and Arezoo Ghazagh are named valedictorian and salutatorian, May 2, 2022.

Class of 2022: Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Ivy Glidden and Julianne Yasona | June 9, 2022

          As the school year comes to an end, the school community  recognizes the seniors who take the roles of valedictorian and salutatorian. These academic titles are determined based on the seniors' highest grade point averages. For the Foran class of 2022, Megan McTigue takes the title of...

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ROLLIN: TWICE gathers in the center of the downstage to dance the iconic move of their song Rollin.

TWICE 4th World Tour III

Julianne Yasona, Staff Writer | March 24, 2022

     TWICE is one of the biggest and most loved K-pop groups today, and they are already near the end of their fourth world tour called "III," which commenced on December 25, 2021.      The group performed their first concert of the tour in Seoul, South Korea, with one member missing due to...

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ShopRite: Lisa Pereira working a closing-shift on Valentine’s Day.

[Photo] Minors versus Adults: The Experience in Part-Time Jobs

Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | March 2, 2022

ShopRite: Lisa Pereira working a closing-shift on Valentine’s Day.

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Sleeper Pals: One of the projects the club is working on by having members paint bags and notebooks. Photo courtesy: Anna Harris, October 1, 2021.

Sleepy Sloth Club Creating Better Sleep Habits

Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | December 15, 2021

     High school students notoriously don’t get enough sleep with the stress of school, sports, and other activities. Many could benefit from joining the new Sleepy Sloths Club that helps prevent sleep deprivation.      Junior Anna Harris started the Sleepy Sloths Club this year in hopes to...

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Voter Registration: Seniors who turned 18 before November 2, 2021 were eligible for voter registration. Photo courtesy: Tammy Carino, September 28, 2021.

Political Candidates Lost High School Seniors’ Support

Few Register to Vote on Election Day
Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | November 18, 2021

     The Tuesday following the first Monday of November is Election Day. When citizens reach the age of 18, they begin to consider whether or not to take part in any elections.       The 26th Amendment of the United States Constitution changed the voting age limit from 21 years old to 18 years...

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The Players and the Red Suit Guard: A digital fanart of Squid Game showcasing the major characters of the show. Photo Courtesy: Pyrofennec, October 5, 2021.

Squid Game

A Child's Play for $38 Million
Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | November 1, 2021

     A single father with a gambling habit drives himself to go deep into debt to serious people who run shady businesses. Now, he's playing Red Light, Green Light for a chance to pay off everything he owes.       On September 17, 2021, Netflix released an original Korean series called “Squid...

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ConnectiCon 2021: Bianca Torres, Lauren Seitz, and William Ryuputra pose in front of the convention center with friends. Photo courtesy: Julianne Yasona, September 11, 2021.

The Return of the Annual ConnectiCon

Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | October 4, 2021

     With the commencement of Covid-19 vaccinations, health safety restrictions are loosening up. More and more events are taking place once again, such as Connecticut’s biggest and longest-running pop-culture event — ConnectiCon.      ConnectiCon is a multi-fandom event for pop-culture...

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Debate on the Legalization of Marijuana. Photo courtesy: Austin Cesare.

Analyzing the Debate Club

Ivy Glidden and Julianne Yasona | June 1, 2021

     Debating brings many benefits to those who participate in such discussion. It helps enhance analytical thinking, structuration and organization of thoughts, and skills in public speaking. Student debates allow learners to express their side and opinion on a particular topic, and just as importantly,...

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Promotional Art for Godzilla vs Kong of the two iconic monsters clashing it out. 
Photo Courtesy: official Warner Bros pictures website

New Movie Release: Godzilla vs Kong

Renzo Silva and Julianne Yasona | March 31, 2021

     Godzilla vs Kong is a Sci-fi/action film about two legendary monsters; Godzilla, a lizard-like creature who has the ability to have atomic fire breath vs the giant-sized gorilla, Kong. They clash in this never before seen epic battle as humanity looks to wipe out these creatures from existence.  ...

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Quizlet can be a useful resource to help learn vocabulary in any language. Photo Courtesy: Ivy Glidden, February 22, 2021.

How to Learn a New Language

Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | March 8, 2021

     Knowing another language is a rewarding skill, and the process of learning it can be an enriching experience. Not only does it open many career opportunities, but learning a new language can also open up one's mind, allowing more interpersonal possibilities.       “[Learning another...

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Making the Most of the Snow: Isabella Torres making snow angels. Photo courtesy: Bianca Torres. December 2016.

Battling Winter Blues

Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | January 27, 2021

     The first snow can be exciting for many, but not everyone sees the beauty and the fun of the winter season. People can develop a strong feeling of depression whenever the season and climate change, and it is typically caused by less daylight, which is why people are more likely to develop this...

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A Meticulous New Year: Mr. Nobuyuki Sakai poses next to the foods they’ve prepared for their family’s New Year’s holiday dinner celebration in Japan. Photo courtesy: Noriko Sakai, January 1, 2019.

Traditional Holiday Foods From Different Cultures

Ivy Glidden and Julianne Yasona | December 18, 2020

     No matter where in the world, and no matter what the holiday is, food will always have a big part in the celebration. Interestingly, traditional holiday foods vary by culture, even if the holiday itself is the same.      In Japan, the people celebrate the New Year’s holiday differently...

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Exit 40: Connecticut Turnpike at Old Gate Lane/E Town Road/Woodmont Road, Milford. Photo courtesy of Riann Yasona-Hooghkirk.

Tips for Winter Holidays During a Pandemic

Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | November 18, 2020

     November and December have the busiest holidays of the year. With these events approaching, how can we stay safe from Covid-19 while we travel and enjoy these special occasions with our loved ones?      There are many limitations this year that prevent families from properly celebrating...

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