The Return of the Annual ConnectiCon


Julianne Yasona

ConnectiCon 2021: Bianca Torres, Lauren Seitz, and William Ryuputra pose in front of the convention center with friends. Photo courtesy: Julianne Yasona, September 11, 2021.

Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden

     With the commencement of Covid-19 vaccinations, health safety restrictions are loosening up. More and more events are taking place once again, such as Connecticut’s biggest and longest-running pop-culture event — ConnectiCon.

     ConnectiCon is a multi-fandom event for pop-culture enthusiasts. The convention incorporates animation, cosplay, web games, video games, television and film, and much more. The annual convention is a three-day event, and it usually runs around the summer season. This year, it occured from September 9-12. 

     William Ryuputra, a self-proclaimed anime enthusiast and college graduate, shared his impression on the annual convention. He says, “I enjoyed this year’s event very much. I’ve met many great people who are very passionate about what they do.”

     To enter the event, guests had to show a physical copy of their vaccine card. Those who failed to present their card were given a chance to video call someone at home who could display the front and back of their card. If not vaccinated, guests must prove that they had a negative Covid-19 test within 48 hours of the event. Masks were also required in accordance with the Hartford mask mandate.

     “The main difference between this year’s convention compared to pre-Covid period is the mask. Everything else felt the same,” says Ryuputra. It was his first time attending ConnectiCon this year, but Ryuputra has been to other pop-culture conventions like Terrificon, which also takes place in Connecticut. 

     Lauren Seitz, a college student and another anime fanatic, has been to ConnectiCon a couple of times. They agreed the only main difference between this year’s convention and the previous convention was the masks.

     Seitz says, “Considering the fact that they held the con during the pandemic, my expectations were definitely surpassed. I’ve been to ConnectiCon three times now, and this year was hands down my favorite so far.”

     Most people that attend events like ConnectiCon cosplay their favorite character, and there are also people who simply dress however they prefer. Either way, conventions are a safe place where anyone can freely express themselves and gain support from others.  

     Senior Bianca Torres says, “Everyone at conventions is there for a reason, to feel included in a community society doesn’t always approve of. Nerds, geeks, and everything in between are there, and no one cares.”

     ConnectiCon will return next year for its nineteenth year at Connecticut Convention Center. It will run for four days, starting on July 14, 2022 through July 17, 2022.