New Movie Release: Godzilla vs Kong


Promotional Art for Godzilla vs Kong of the two iconic monsters clashing it out. Photo Courtesy: official Warner Bros pictures website

Renzo Silva and Julianne Yasona

     Godzilla vs Kong is a Sci-fi/action film about two legendary monsters; Godzilla, a lizard-like creature who has the ability to have atomic fire breath vs the giant-sized gorilla, Kong. They clash in this never before seen epic battle as humanity looks to wipe out these creatures from existence.

     Godzilla vs Kong is set to release on March 31st this year in theaters and for free to stream with subscription for HBO Max. This film is directed by Adam Wingard and is the 4th film in Legendary’s Monsterverse film, and a sequel to Godzilla: King of Monster, Kong: Skull Island, and Godzilla. Not much is known exactly why they are fighting, but according to rottentomatoes, after Godzilla has spent years being Earth’s protector against evil mythical monsters, he has now gone rogue. Kong is seeked for help, captured and taken away from his home island and is brought into battle to stop and fight against the enraged Godzilla causing destruction across the globe. 

     Junior Caitlin Grady shares her thoughts and predictions about the outcome of the epic clash between the two powerful monsters. Grady says, “I think that Godzilla will win because he has atomic breath and can swim unlike Kong, so that puts [Godzilla] to the advantage.” 

     Aaron Mezick, also a junior at Foran, is a big fan of the monsterverse. Mezick would agree with Grady’s claim that Godzilla would take victory against Kong. He says, “Personally, if anyone were to win in a one on one fight, Godzilla would definitely win.” Mezick, however, has the following thoughts after this claim: “There’s also the fact that they are turning Godzilla into the villain in a way, but in the end, what I believe is going to happen is they (Godzilla and Kong) might team up against a different threat.”

     Mezick believes that the monsterverse is a great take on the giants. Although he does not personally like nor dislike the backstories of Godzilla and Kong, as well the backstory of the two monster’s war against each other, Mezick believes that Godzilla was captured perfectly in the films.