TWICE 4th World Tour III


Julianne Yasona

ROLLIN’: TWICE gathers in the center of the downstage to dance the iconic move of their song Rollin’.

     TWICE is one of the biggest and most loved K-pop groups today, and they are already near the end of their fourth world tour called “III,” which commenced on December 25, 2021.

     The group performed their first concert of the tour in Seoul, South Korea, with one member missing due to health issues. However, before their first show in the US, TWICE’s record label, JYPE, announced that the missing member, Jeongyeon, would be performing at the upcoming international shows.

     TWICE’s final stop in the United States was a two-day show at the UBS Arena in New York on February 27. The group’s world tour isn’t over yet, as they still have a three-day show at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. TWICE’s first show in Japan isn’t until April 23rd, so they’re resting and preparing for their Japanese fans in the meantime.