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Victoria Koenig

Victoria Koenig, Staff Writer

     Hi, my name is Victoria Koenig. I am a forward on the varsity soccer team. I also play volleyball for fun on Wednesdays. I like to hang out with my friends in my free time. I also like to watch the sunrise and sunset at the beach. 

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Future Bulldogs: David Gaetano and Rylee Tondora smiling as they participate in “Bulldogs Day” and pose in front of  the class of 2026 poster, April 28, 2022.

Going to The Ivy League

Lauren Ardolino and Victoria Koenig | June 13, 2022

          The Ivy League is comprised of eight of the top universities in the United States. These prestigious schools are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University.  ...

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Senior Class Officers: Jay Yang, Megan McTigue, Arezoo Ghazagh and Katharine Harrison (left to right), April 28, 2022.

Class of 2022: Student Government Leadership

Kyle Zarnoch and Victoria Koenig | June 7, 2022

          There have been some special people that have worked behind the scenes to make this year's senior year run smoothly. From pep rallies, spirit week, fundraisers, and more, these senior class officers have put in hard work and dedication to make sure everything was scheduled and ran smoothly.    ...

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Line Em’ Up: During the spring and summer, classic cars are frequently seen lined up at Gulf Beach for car shows.

Cars of Milford

Victoria Koenig, Staff Writer | March 25, 2022

     With spring approaching fast, many Milford residents are getting their classic cars ready for the season. The temperature is rising, making everyone eager to roll their windows down and cruise through the streets.       Senior Leighton Whaley is looking forward to driving his family’s...

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One Handed: Zach Tavitian is seen dunking the ball with one hand. Photo Courtesy: John Tavitian, July 2, 2019.

Alumni Spotlight: Zach Tavitian’s Basketball Journey

Lauren Ardolino and Victoria Koenig | March 7, 2022

     Foran alumni Zach Tavitian, class of 2017, started playing basketball at Foran and has worked hard to achieve his dream of playing professionally. Since then, he has played for the Western New England University team, the Armenian National Team, and the Zentro Basket Madrid team in Spain.   ...

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Planning on self-love: A self-care post it planner can be seen hanging in the store.

Self-Love Spotlight

How Do you Show Yourself Self-Care on Valentine's Day?
Lauren Ardolino and Victoria Koenig | February 3, 2022

     Valentine's Day is one of the most popular holidays that isn’t recognized as public. It is publicized as a holiday to celebrate one's significant other, however, it can also be a day to celebrate yourself.       Many couples have their calendars marked for this special day on February...

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Bell Ringing: Key Club members Arezoo Ghazagh, Ava Steigbigel, and Bridget Kiernan participating in bell ringing for the Salvation Army. Photo Courtesy: Tuana Gonul, December 4, 2021.

Foran Community Gives Back During the Holidays

Lauren Ardolino and Victoria Koenig | December 21, 2021

     There are many clubs within the Foran community that prioritize giving back during the holiday season, including Interact Club, Key Club, and Habitat for Humanity.  These clubs, and many more, have monumental impacts on the Milford community, especially during the holiday season.     ...

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Cozy Fireplace: Christmas decorations on the fireplace and tree help spread the holiday spirit.

Home for the Holidays

Travel Plans this Holiday Season
Lauren Ardolino and Victoria Koenig | November 19, 2021

     As Halloween comes to an end, the Christmas and Thanksgiving frenzy begins. Stores begin stocking up on wrapping paper and frozen turkeys as customers race through the doors. All of this commotion brings up questions about travel plans this holiday season.      Many individuals are contemplating...

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Legends of Fear: Emma Fiorillo poses with her mom at the Legends of Fear sign. Photo Courtesy: Emma Fiorillo, October 9, 2021.

Spooky Spotlight

How Shelton's Legends of Fear Spooks the Connecticut Community
Lauren Ardolino and Victoria Koenig | October 14, 2021

         October is the time to scream. With Halloween just around the corner, many are searching for spooky activities. Fun for all ages, Legends of Fear in Shelton is one of the most popular haunted trails in Southern Connecticut.       Legends of Fear offers numerous events that all...

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Honoring the 20th Anniversary of 9/11: 9/11 Tribute Museum and lanyard fundraiser information. Photo courtesy: Rachel Rowley, September 2, 2021

Foran Teachers Remember 9/11

Rowley Organizes Fundraiser Which Proceeds are Donated to the 9/11 Tribute Museum
Jenna Supple and Victoria Koenig | September 29, 2021

     On September 11, 2001 terrorists hijacked four planes. Two of the planes flew into the World Trade Center. As lower Manhattan became engulfed in debris, fear and uncertainty gripped the hearts of Americans.      A total of 2,977 Americans were killed and thousands injured in three separate...

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Pictured is the pink super moon. Photo courtesy: Delsie Lopez, April 26, 2021.

Next Time to Look Up at The Stars

Jenna Supple and Victoria Koenig | May 21, 2021

     There have been many astronomical events that have occurred in the past couple of weeks. In fact, there are many more to come in the near future that anyone interested in astronomy would not want to miss. This includes supermoons, meteor showers, and eclipses.       Supermoons occur when...

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 Located in downtown Milford, Scratch offers a variety of treats.
photo taken December 20, 2020

Scratch Baking: Eating Local

Victoria Koenig and Katharine Harrison | December 22, 2020

     When hunger strikes, look no further. Scratch Baking is a small local business with a big heart. Located in downtown Milford, it’s in the perfect location to satisfy appetites from 7am- 3pm Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, those with a sweet tooth can get their fix from 7am-1pm.    ...

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Mrs. April Scepanski poses in the auditorium. Photo courtesy: Kat Parker

Teacher Spotlight: April Scepanski

Victoria Koenig and Jenna Supple | November 21, 2020

     Foran Choir is welcoming a new director this year, Mrs. April Scepanski. As she works hard at both Foran and Harborside, she is very excited to see what this year brings from both schools.      Scepanski previously worked at Tyrrell Middle School, West Shore Middle School and Harborside...

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