Teacher Spotlight: April Scepanski


Mrs. April Scepanski poses in the auditorium. Photo courtesy: Kat Parker

Victoria Koenig and Jenna Supple

     Foran Choir is welcoming a new director this year, Mrs. April Scepanski. As she works hard at both Foran and Harborside, she is very excited to see what this year brings from both schools.

     Scepanski previously worked at Tyrrell Middle School, West Shore Middle School and Harborside Middle School.  Scepanski currently teaches two classes, Concert choir and Advanced vocal ensemble.

     It doesn’t take long to feel the community in our school. In the short time that she has been here, Scepanski has already gotten a sense of what it is like at our school.

     She says, “The music department is very active at Foran, I have felt very welcome by students and staff. I love the sense of community you get from singing with others.” 

     Scepanski has been very welcoming to her students and has made an impact on students during her time here, she has been working with the students and has been asking them how she can help.

     Senior choir president Isabel Blanco believes that Scepanski is a great teacher, “She is so funny, helpful, and enthusiastic. She has been very understanding that most of us are stressed and confused because of Covid-19, and has been very open to new ideas.” 

     Despite the many struggles that Covid-19 brings, Scepanski is doing her best to get to know each and every one of her students. 

     “This year looks very different,” Scepanski says, “It is a challenge for all of us to hear each other because we are so far apart and we are limited to how much we can sing inside. However this is an opportunity for us to think outside the box and find new and exciting ways for us to keep doing what we love.”

     Sophomore Jose Abreu thinks having Mrs. Scepanski as a teacher was a big change,  “We all find choir to be like our second family… She’s been really nice and open to meeting all of us.” 

     Mrs. Scepanski is very excited to be in our school and can’t wait to see what the future holds for choir.