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Katharine Harrison, Overall Manager

     Hi, my name is Katharine and I’m a senior at Foran. I’m the Overall Manager of the Mane Street Mirror and I’m also a staff writer. I coach youth hockey and Learn-to-Skate at the Milford Ice Arena, and I like running and going to the beach with my friends in my free time. I like writing articles about local businesses and events.

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Climate and weather: Climate change has caused changes in weather patterns, leading to more severe storms and falling trees.

Changing Climate: Storms Cause Trees to Fall in Local State Park

Katharine Harrison, Overall Manager | April 11, 2022

     Climate change has brought many changes to Milford and surrounding areas. In Hamden, the storms in recent years have caused trees to fall along the walking trails at Mount Carmel, otherwise known as the Sleeping Giant.       According to the U.S. Geological Survey, climate change results...

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Holding Up The Banner: Mr. Cesare’s AP US History students hold up the Ukrainian Flag.

[Photo] The Death of European Peace

Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | March 22, 2022

Holding Up The Banner: Mr. Cesare’s AP US History students hold up the Ukrainian Flag.

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A positive role model:  Owen cheers on his teammates while recovering from a knee injury. Photo Courtesy: Maria Crocco, October 1, 2021.

Climbing the Ladder

High School Senior Shares Career Aspirations
Katharine Harrison, Overall Manager | February 16, 2022

     A strong athlete and a positive person, Owen McCabe has certainly made his mark at Foran. With the end of his senior year on the horizon, he’s started to make decisions about his future. His future, however, looks a little different from that of the average student.      When thinking...

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Celebrating Virtually: Many schools, such as Lynn university, are sending out digital acceptance letters to students like Grace Tavitian. Photo courtesy: Grace Tavitian. January 12, 2022.

Stress and Success: Choosing a College

Katharine Harrison, Content Editor | January 18, 2022

     “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” While this is a famous quote by author Charles Dickens, it may also be an almost perfect description of how seniors feel entering the new semester. Rolling in with the snow is a flurry of college acceptance letters, and the need to make...

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A Modern Earth: Vines cover a guardrail near Fort Trumbull.

Understanding the Impact of the Climate Crisis

Katharine Harrison, Overall Manager | December 21, 2021

     For centuries, people have hypothesized about the end of civilization: will there be plagues, a great explosion, a terrible war? While climate change is slightly less dramatic and occurs much more gradually than any of these events, its effects could be just as devastating to society.    ...

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The Final Countdown: The clock ticks to the end of the Lyman Hall game earlier this season.

Remembering the Season: The End of Fall Sports

Katharine Harrison, Overall Manager | November 30, 2021

     As fall comes to an end, so do Friday night lights and Monday evening volleyball games. Athletes, coaches, and fans alike have mixed feelings at the end of the season.      Many teams are back to a more normal season following the pandemic last year, when many sports had shortened seasons...

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Lost in the Crowd: Picture taken at the Dayglow performance in Boston. Photo Courtesy: Victoria Koenig, October 16, 2021.

Staying Safe: Crowd Surges

Katharine Harrison, Overall Manager | November 15, 2021

     A night many hip-hop fans had dreamed of quickly turned into a nightmare on November 5 at a Travis Scott concert.      According to USA Today, many celebrities have spoken out following the tragedy, with at least ten people dead. The most recent, a nine year old boy who according to his...

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Working Hard: Senior David Gaetano completes school work before football practice. September 20, 2021.

Managing School and Extracurriculars

Katharine Harrison, Overall Manager | September 30, 2021

     How much is too much? Foran students share how they manage their time while juggling extracurriculars.      Many students struggle with time management and fear that adding extracurriculars to the mix will make school too stressful.      Many students play sports in addition to school...

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Puppy Love: Brendan Ziegler’s dog, Shea
Photo Courtesy: Brendan Ziegler

Finding a Furever Home: A Look at Animal Rescues

Katharine Harrison, Staff Writer | March 2, 2021

     With a wet little nose and floppy ears, many people know the warm, fuzzy feeling they get when they see a puppy. When people think of domesticated animals, generally their minds go to a dog sitting at their feet, or a cat curled up on a chair; however, not all pets are so lucky.      According...

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Winter Wonderland: A frozen pond near downtown Milford, which may be skateable if cold weather continues.
Photo Courtesy: Katharine Harrison, January 2020

Freezing Fun: Skating Outdoors

Katharine Harrison, Staff Writer | February 1, 2021

     Got the cold-weather blues? ‘Snow problem. With winter upon us, temperatures are rapidly dropping. However, a decrease in temperature does not mean a decrease in fun. The frosty air brings with it the chance to skate on Milford, Connecticut’s duck ponds. The duck pond on North Street and...

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 Located in downtown Milford, Scratch offers a variety of treats.
photo taken December 20, 2020

Scratch Baking: Eating Local

Victoria Koenig and Katharine Harrison | December 22, 2020

     When hunger strikes, look no further. Scratch Baking is a small local business with a big heart. Located in downtown Milford, it’s in the perfect location to satisfy appetites from 7am- 3pm Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, those with a sweet tooth can get their fix from 7am-1pm.    ...

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Thanksgiving Favorites: A survey of 104 students revealed that the most popular pie flavor at Foran was pumpkin, followed by apple and then chocolate.

Pies: Learn about the Well-Loved Thanksgiving Treat

Katharine Harrison, Staff Writer | November 21, 2020

     With Thanksgiving fast approaching, many people are excited for the treats that make the holiday season so special.      Pie is one of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes, and it’s easy to see why. Served warm or cold, it’s a sweet and delicious way to celebrate.      Despite...

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