Managing School and Extracurriculars


Katharine Harrison

Working Hard: Senior David Gaetano completes school work before football practice. September 20, 2021.

Katharine Harrison, Overall Manager

     How much is too much? Foran students share how they manage their time while juggling extracurriculars.

     Many students struggle with time management and fear that adding extracurriculars to the mix will make school too stressful.

     Many students play sports in addition to school or jobs. Athletic Director Anthony Vitelli states, “This fall we have 216 student athletes participating.”

     However, according to the US News and World Report, extracurriculars are quite important in gaining college admission, especially if students show effort. Many students manage both school and extracurriculars.

     Senior David Gaetano states, “One time management technique that works for me is keeping track of all my tasks with their due dates and levels of importance. This helps me get all my school work done in an organized manner while still having time for extracurriculars.”

     Gaetano keeps busy with Key Club, robotics, Natural Helpers, football, and a weekend job at Subway. However, he’s not the only student with a packed schedule.

     Anna Harris, junior, juggles three varsity sports: cross country, indoor track, and lacrosse. She also is a gallery ambassador at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, helps foreign exchange students through American Field Service International Program, is on two travel lacrosse teams, and participates in Model UN, Key Club, and Creative Writing Club. 

     Harris shares how difficult it is to juggle all her activities, stating, “Things are constantly being added to my schedule and it can be hard to adjust to the changes.”

     To keep from feeling overwhelmed, Harris says  the best way to manage her time is using a notebook to jot down what she has to do and her tasks for the day. She explains, “Seeing everything out on paper makes it seem a lot less overwhelming and it feels so good to cross things off.”

     Senior Mia Williams also has many responsibilities. She attends Crossfit three days a week and goes to the gym or plays lacrosse for the remainder of the week. Williams works three to four days a week as well.

     Williams stays on top of her activities, sharing, “For time management, I like to use a planner so I know when all my assignments are due and then from there I just set aside time to get my work done.”

     AP Psychology teacher Todd Williams knows the struggle between students and time management all too well. With two high school students of his own, he understands how busy high schoolers can be. His advice?

     “Number one: there is no such thing as free time. When you have an opportunity to get something done… do it.”

     Those who struggle with time management or need a quiet place to organize are advised to utilize study halls to visit the Literacy center (located near the media center) and the Numeracy center (located near student life).

     Apps such as Google Calendar, Time Bloc, and Flora are usually good for time management and organization.