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Hi, my name is Joshua Azpiri-Sudusky and I am a sophomore staff writer for the Mane Street Mirror at Foran High School. I only play soccer at Foran, but I play for another team during the off-season. I spend my free time practicing soccer and hanging out with my friends, along with riding my bike and watching the NBA. 

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Sneak Peek: Students working in one of Mrs. Hudson’s Photography classes.

Crafting Your Path

Three Electives That Every Student Should Take
Pacey Larka and Joshua Azpiri-Sudusky | February 2, 2024

          As course selection nears closer and closer by the week, students need to quickly make their decisions about what classes they want to take next year. Some of the most important classes to choose are electives. Some students do not know what electives they want to take this year, so here...

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Foran’s Favorites: Home Alone 1 and Elf unsurprisingly received the most votes in the survey, being some of the most popular holiday movies.

Seasonal Cinematic Delights: Foran’s Favorite Holiday Films

Pacey Larka and Joshua Azpiri-Sudusky | December 22, 2023

          As the air turns crisp, the weather turns cold, the nights get long, and the snow starts falling, many bundle up at home with hot chocolate in one hand and cookies in the other, sitting by the fire to watch the one thing that almost everyone likes during the season; holiday movies.  ...

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Obesity on the rise: The percentage of obese children in America has been on the rise from 1988 to 2018.

Physical Fitness in Education: Is P.E. Worth the Sweat?

Pacey Larka and Joshua Azpiri-Sudusky | December 6, 2023

           A startling 22 percent of schools in America do not have physical education classes at all, according to the Washington Post.            From elementary school to high school, physical education is a big part of a student’s day, because it is a break from the long classroom...

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New Year New Schedule: The Channing Independent School District in Channing, Texas, started using a new four-day schedule in 2022.

Balancing Learning and Leisure: The Rising Four Day School Week

Pacey Larka and Joshua Azpiri-Sudusky | October 27, 2023

          (Disclaimer: four-day weeks is not something that is happening in Milford Public Schools)           School. Homework. Sports. Clubs. Work. High school students have packed schedules, and finding free time is not easy. One fix to this problem is four-day school weeks, which are...

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