the mane street mirror

Debate on the Legalization of Marijuana. Photo courtesy: Austin Cesare.

Analyzing the Debate Club

Ivy Glidden and Julianne Yasona | June 1, 2021

     Debating brings many benefits to those who participate in such discussion. It helps enhance analytical thinking, structuration and organization of thoughts, and skills in public speaking. Student debates allow learners to express their side and opinion on a particular topic, and just as importantly,...

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The storage closet in which a majority of the Claude C. Coffin collection is stored inside the Bryan-Downs house. Photo courtesy: Aidan Glass, May 8, 2021.

Walking Through Time

The Milford Historical Society’s Native American Claude C. Coffin Collection
Aidan Glass | May 31, 2021

     The Milford Historical Society, a small museum consisting of three historical houses, is a local place where people can go to learn about very personal and Milford’s colonial history. However, the society also has access to large swaths of artifacts and collections, one of these collections...

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The Sundae House: The front of the local business located on 499 New Haven Ave in Milford, CT. Photo Courtesy: Nicolette Simone.

Sundae House: The History of a Family Favorite

Jessica Chamberlain and Aidan Davis | May 24, 2021

     The Sundae House, located on 499 New Haven Ave. in Milford, CT, is a family owned ice cream shop that opened in 1963. The small ice cream shop was created by Angelina Simone, who wanted to open up a small fruit and vegetable stand where the Sundae House is located.       Angelina Simone...

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Treasurer: Emma Davies. She has been accepted into UCONN’s prestigious Honors College.

Senior Class Officers: Leaving a Legacy in Office

Sean Ayoub and Bella Mema | May 21, 2021

     Each year, classes at Foran elect officers to lead and plan events including fundraisers and prom. Last spring, the Class of 2021 chose President Eric Haig, Vice President Soledad Meade, Secretary Kaitlyn Adkins, and Treasurer Emma Davies, to fulfill these responsibilities. Since then, these...

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Trumpetist Kaya Vital: Representing her future college. Photo Credit: Kaya Vital.

Seniors in the Music Department Hit all the Right Notes

Sean Ayoub and Bella Mema | May 13, 2021

     Music is a connecting force, and few people know that better than seniors in the Foran Music Department. Made up of choir, orchestra, and band, the music department plays all the right notes to bring the joy of music to the Foran community. Music is truly their forte.       Directed by...

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Crowning Moment: Foran Alumni Anna Jani celebrates her nineteenth birthday with her newly crowned title of Miss Shoreline 2021. Photo courtesy of Anna Jani.

Alumni Spotlight: Anna Jani

Ready for the Big Stage — Miss Connecticut 2021
Katherine Parker, Staff Writer | February 8, 2021

     For 100 years, women have been competing for the title of Miss America in hopes of winning the prize of their dream job, to promote the issues they seek most important and become a role model for so many young women around the country.       Anna Jani, a Foran graduate from the class of...

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Before and after: A nice interior clean up by RPM detailing. Photo courtesy: Malcom Chavez, July 2019.

The Start of Something New

Students Start Business at a Young Age
Sarah Moustafa and Sarah Casey | February 3, 2021

     Many students admire the idea of starting their very own business but they are not sure how or where to start.Whereas Foran graduates (class of 2020) Malcolm Chavez, Prabhjot Singh, and Stavros Kikis knew from the start where their interests were and  “RPM Auto Detailing” began.    ...

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New to the Zoo: Photo of a Mexican gray wolf, the newest addition to the Beardsley Zoo.  Photo courtesy of the Beardsley Zoo.

Beardsley Zoo Handles Covid-19

Olivia Salai and Julia Poffenberger | January 27, 2021

     Many Foran students growing up in Connecticut can recall a memory of attending the Beardsley Zoo. Popular among the young and old alike, Connecticut’s only zoo is a fan favorite for many events, including birthday parties, educational opportunities, or weddings.      In general, most...

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On a mission. Pictured is Mia running down the field this summer with the ball looking to score. Photo courtesy: Mia Williams, July 2020

Student Spotlight: Mia Williams and Her Drive to Success

Morgan Viesselman, Staff Writer | January 27, 2021

     Mia Williams, a junior, is already on the road to success at such a young age. With maintaining good grades and a very good athletic career, Mia is set for her future.      Williams has always had a love for sports ever since she was little. From participating in baseball, hockey, and running...

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The Berkowitz Family: Berkowitz smiles in front of his home with his wife and two daughters. Photo courtesy Mr. Berkowitz.

Mr. Berkowitz, Educator, Parent, Mentor

Principal Leads School to Success
Emily Jankura and Owen McCabe | January 25, 2021

     Some students may shudder when they hear the words 'school principal,' conjuring images in their minds of an authority figure that they would rather avoid. But, Mr. Max Berkowitz, along with many other principals, prove that to be a false judgment.       Some students may know Mr. Berkowitz...

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Ms. Meghan Condon: Working at home during distance learning. Photo courtesy: Ms. Condon. January 8, 2020.

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Condon

Bella Mema, Staff Writer | January 14, 2021

     Ms. Meghan Condon, an English teacher for the past seven years, is also responsible for advising the school’s yearbook and coaching the girl’s swim and dive team.       Many students wonder what their future careers may entail, but not Condon. She has known since high school that she...

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High school organization:  A senior planner showing the different dates and cover with pencil. Photo courtesy to Madison Babcock, December 8 2020.

Senior Advice to Underclassmen

Tips for Making Plans for the Next Chapter
Daniel Abate and Madison Babcock | January 13, 2021

     Oftentimes students wonder what senior year is like and now more than ever it can be beneficial for underclassmen to get advice from current seniors about what to expect and how to best prepare for it.       Your senior year of high school is when students prepare for adult life, college,...

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