The Return of Mrs. Lockhart

Motherhood, Molecules, and More


Ada is Here: Mrs. Lockhart´s baby girl. Photo courtesy: Mrs. Lockhart, January 10, 2022.

     Mrs. Emily Lockhart has been teaching in the science department at Foran for years. This fall, she took maternity leave as she was scheduled to have her first child, though she will be returning on February 24. Lockhart’s baby is named Ada, and her hobbies include, “playing, drooling, and waking me up during the night,” Lockhart jokes.

     Being a new mom and teacher can have many challenges. They have to tend to the social and emotional development of their own children while planning and creating engaging lessons for students. 

     “There are mixed emotions on coming back,” she adds. “I miss Foran, the students, and my coworkers… at the same time I know that working full time and being a mom is a lot of work and I am a little nervous to juggle it all.”

     Liam Young, a student in Lockhart’s anatomy class states, “Anatomy is a great class but we have been getting bumped to different teachers until Lockhart comes back.”

     Ms. Baleigh Toon was the long-term substitute for the anatomy classes but recently took a full-time teaching job in East Haven. With this, the rest of the science department has stepped up to help teach the class for the remainder of Mrs. Lockhart’s absence.

     Young adds, “Ms. Toon did a great job filling in for most of the year and the other teachers in the department have done a great job and offered help to those preparing for the midterm.”

     Mr. John Conners recently started teaching anatomy period three, he says, “the science department has always worked as a team. Since we are all on the fourth floor we have a closer bond than to other teachers.”

     The third teacher taking over anatomy this year is Mr. Gregory Sember,. Sember is adding to his skill set as he takes on Lockhart’s anatomy class.

     Lockhart states, “I miss the camaraderie of a school building.  My students make me laugh every day. It’s those unplanned moments in the classroom that make teaching great.” However, until she returns, she will be spending most of her days with her baby girl at home.

     Ms. Lockhart’s students are ready for her to come back. She is not alone as Mrs. Donovan is expecting, while Señora Morazzini and Mrs. Courbron had a child within the last year.