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A chef’s creation: Junior S. Perez posing with her meatloaf dish, October 4, 2023.

What’s Cooking in Yellow Hall?

Ava Sanz, Alexa White, Lila Rothbard, and Sophia Martin | October 6, 2023

          Chop, Stir, Mash. On Wednesday October 4, 2023, Ms. Randy’s advanced culinary class cooked up a flavorful dish of meatloaf and mashed potatoes with an Espagnole gravy drizzled on top . They were able to prepare the dish over the course of two days and served it up for the class to try. ...

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At the movies: Barbie and Oppenheimer being showcased at the same movie theater.

This or That: Barbie vs. Oppenheimer

Kasen Lanese and Jake Israelite | October 5, 2023

          2023 has produced a lot of popular movies, but two of the biggest were Barbie and Oppenheimer. Both movies were released on the same day, July 21, 2023. These movies were the most anticipated films of the year, both having massive marketing campaigns and budgets.            The...

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Pumpkin Lights: Pumpkin Festival in Stratford CT, October 12, 2018.

Fall Trends

Falling into Fall Drinks, Fashion, and Festivals
Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | October 4, 2023

          As the air becomes colder, new trends start to arise. Fashion, fall drinks, and festivals replace the beach on a summer day with autumn. Starbucks and Dunkin released their fall drinks, sparking excitement in many communities.            Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Iced Apple Crisp...

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Class of 2023: CappuGino’s flyer with information on booking their food truck for upcoming events, April, 12, 2023.

CappuGino’s Craze

A Local Businesses Mission to Give Back to the Community
Ellie Pasacreta and Gianna Weaver | May 12, 2023

          Spring has sprung, and for locals, it’s time to get out and try new businesses around Milford. A spot many enjoy is CappuGino’s, a local coffee cafe located in Milford’s Commerce Park.            CappuGino’s was welcomed into the community in the midst of the pandemic,...

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Nutella: The hazelnut paste based chocolate Nutella, January 26, 2023.

World Nutella Day

The Pros and Cons of Nutella
Jill Allen and Colin Monahan | February 22, 2023

          Nutella was made in 1964 in Piedmont, Italy. Originally, it was called SuperCrema. After the second World War, sources of cocoa were rare. To solve this they made a sweet paste of hazelnuts, sugar, and the little cocoa they had left. The product was released on April 20, 1964 and the world...

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Hot Thrift Spots: Local thrift store Plato’s Closet in Orange, January 30, 2023.

Thoughtful Thrifting

An Insider Scoop on Shopping
Jocelyn Gonzalez and Isabella Tomac | February 22, 2023

          Thrifting has become a very popular practice recently because of social media, it has been around since the 1890s. With the increase in sustainable living, thrifting has become an easy and affordable way for people to buy and sell clothes, books, etc.           National Second...

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Trader Joe’s prepares for the holiday of chocolate: Pictured are the heavily stocked shelves at Trader Joe’s, filled with delicious chocolates, January 21, 2023.

This or That: Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate

Noah Champagne and Isabella Lau | February 14, 2023

          As you walk into the chocolate shop, the whimsical scent of chocolate fills your nose. Hershey’s, Lindt, Godiva, Ferrero Rocher, and many more options. As all of these sweets surround the area, you find yourself gazing around at the multitude of choices. What’s bought more? You wonder:...

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Battling Environmental Troubles In Science Olympiad: From left to right: team members Ethan Domingue, Evan Kerzner, Jack Pietrosanti, Joe Gaetano smile for a picture after they collected trash, September 11, 2022.

Cleaning Up With the Sound Lions

Luke Cruz and Luke Thomas | January 25, 2023

          Sound Lions is an environmental club that aims to reduce the pollution problem that is a prominent conflict in Milford. Sound Lions members have committed themselves to helping solve issues inside and outside of Foran, which is done in many ways such as placing trash cans for water bottles...

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Putting the Pieces Together: Xiomari Garcia-Cruz works on a puzzle during her free time in study hall, December 7, 2022.

National Hobby Month

The Foran Community’s Unique Hobbies
Isabella Lau and Noah Champagne | January 25, 2023

          Whether you have one hobby, multiple hobbies, or no hobbies, it’s the perfect time of year to pick up a new one or jump back into an old one. National Hobby Month is a nationwide holiday celebrated every January. Hobbies are important because not only can they relieve stress and tension,...

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A Traditional Table: A table with many traditional Korean dishes prepared for the Lunar New Year, February 1, 2022.

Celebrating Cultural Cuisine: Lunar New Year

Dabi Lee and Elizabeth Tran | January 23, 2023

          Although the new year may begin on January 1, the celebrations don’t end there. Many Asian countries will welcome the Year of the Rabbit this Lunar New Year, which falls on January 22. The sign of the Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity in Chinese culture.    ...

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Starbucks Holiday Menu: This years seasonal Starbucks menu, November 11, 2022.

This or That: Holiday Drinks

Starbucks or Dunkin’
Nicole Howell and Jayden Wilder | December 20, 2022

          The holidays are right around the corner, which means seasonal drinks are back at both Starbucks and Dunkin’. Starbucks first started this tradition in 1997, while competing company Dunkin’ started selling annual holiday drinks in 2003.            Gerald Baldwin and Gordon...

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Stressed shopping: A picture of a packed mall during the holidays, parents rushing around to different stores and families shopping for gifts, December 1, 2022.

How Holiday Prices Are Affecting Families

Luke Thomas, Staff Writer | December 1, 2022

          Around the country, many families are struggling to survive this Christmas season shopping. 2022, in particular, has been worse than recent years because of the feeling of returning to normalcy while still having high prices for goods. Prices for food and toys have seen the biggest increase...

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