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Rose Beauty: A community plot  is filled with multi-colored roses.

Contributions of a Community

An Up-Close Look into the Creations of Milford’s Gardeners
Madeline Babcock and Alexandra Montero | May 13, 2024

As summer is approaching, so are times of blossom for the Milford Community Gardens. Made up of around 250 Milford residents and 135 plots, the community gardens have been around since 1968 and are now currently run by the Milford Rec. Department. Here’s an early look into some of the plants and projects...

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Dance of Life: Manhattanville dance group performs for an audience (Ariel Phantharangsy pictured 2 from left), 2023

Dancing Into the Future

From High School to College, an Alumni’s Passionate Journey
Madeline Babcock, Junior Layout Editor | March 26, 2024

          Finding one’s passion is a journey that takes many a lifetime to find, but Foran graduate Ariel Phantharangsy found that spark in her freshman year of high school and has been pursuing it ever since.           First learning about the beauty of dance during her middle school...

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Welcome!: Outside View of Scratch Baking, February 28, 2024.

Lights. Camera. Downtown!

How-To Guide for Having Fun on Milford’s Green
Madeline Babcock and Alexandra Montero | March 21, 2024

          The streets of Milford’s Green are lined with many stores and restaurants, and as the weather starts to warm up, it will soon be bustling with people. To avoid spending too much time planning your next adventure, here’s a compiled list of suggestions for maximizing your enjoyment. 1....

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Step in and See Skincare: Local Sephoras’ skincare section at the front of the store displaying Drunk Elephant products, January 22, 2024.

Snow-Proof Your Skin

Essential Skin Care Glow Up Guide For This Winter
Alexandra Montero and Madeline Babcock | February 6, 2024

          It’s that time of year again when the air has a constant chill and the sun starts setting early. This can sometimes cause unwanted effects on skin, here’s a guide on how to stay healthy and glow all season long.           As the seasons change, so should one’s skincare routine...

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Orchestra: Ryan Purviance performing on bass.

Turner Talks Tri-M

Gracie Brogan and Madeline Babcock | January 12, 2024

          Tri-M is a long-standing honor given to high school students around the country, a select group of students within Foran are admitted to this prestigious society through a rigorous test of musical ability. Orchestra and Band Instructor Ms. Turner breaks down the technicalities of this...

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Sweet Sticky Notes: Examples of positive sticky notes across lockers around Foran, December 12, 23.

Sticky Note Smiles

Positive Notes Spreading Across Foran Campus
Alexandra Montero and Madeline Babcock | January 11, 2024

          As many have noticed, positive post-it notes have been plastered onto lockers, doors, and walls around Foran. The SAVE Promise club took it upon themselves to stay after school hours to fill sticky notes with optimistic words of affirmation.            Ms. Melissa Kaminski, a...

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 Easy access to #BOOKTOK in Foran TLC: Table of #BOOKTOK books in the TLC for everyone to easily access.


Foran’s Top Book Picks
Madeline Babcock and Alexandra Montero | November 14, 2023

          Many bookworms find themselves mindlessly scrolling on Tik Tok and stumble upon #BOOKTOK. This specific hashtag includes great reads, upcoming authors, new releases, and so much more. Throughout the countless videos under this hashtag, there are plenty of intense readers sharing their...

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A Seasonal Treat: Alexandria Regan’s miniature apple pies fresh out of the oven, November 19, 2022.

Foran’s Seasonal Favorites

Foran’s Seasonal Favorites
Madeline Babcock and Dabi Lee | November 8, 2023

          The smell of cookies in the oven, the perfect slice of pie, and the sprinkle of cinnamon in every pastry are all too familiar during the fall season. The autumn harvest of pumpkins, apples, cranberries and more opens the door to many recipes, often paired with cinnamon or nutmeg.  ...

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Carved: Local Foran family carves themed pumpkins, October 14, 2022.

Halloween Through the Ages

A Look at the Development of Traditions
Madeline Babcock and Isabella Tomac | October 31, 2022

          As the last memories of summer drift away, and autumn rolls in, the holidays roll in with it. This means that Halloween is right around the corner, and for many this includes dressing up, trick-or-treating, or carving pumpkins. But where did this tradition come from? How has it changed...

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