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Influential People: Spanish 1 students create posters about influential Hispanic celebrities.

Mes de la Herencia Hispaña

Celebrating Culture Together
Gissela Castelan, Staff Writer | October 21, 2021

     Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15 and ends on October 15. The month-long holiday celebrates the history and culture of American citizens that come from Hispanic backgrounds. Not only is it celebrated in the United States, but worldwide as well.       Hispanic Heritage Month...

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Key Club Officers: (From left to right) Arezoo Gazagh:  Vice President of the Key Club, Mrs. Ganun: Club Advisor, and Delaney Mayville: Media Specialist.

Lending a Hand

Volunteer Opportunities Up and Running Since Quarantine
Gracie Brogan, Staff Writer | October 21, 2021

     Schools across the world changed drastically due to Covid-19. Precautions like cohorts, masks, and social distancing were taken, and extracurriculars ceased to operate.      This year, Foran hopes to welcome back clubs and create a less-isolated environment for students. Some clubs that...

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The Roman Forum: A forum full of ancient ruins in Rome, Italy. Photo Courtesy: Julia Poffenberger, June 2018.

How Ancient Rome has Influenced the Modern World

Julia Poffenberger, Staff Writer | October 11, 2021

     Ancient history is vital when looking at how society has changed over time.       Specifically, Ancient Rome has had a major impact on many areas of modern culture including government, architecture, language, and literature.       Ms. Wendy Valleau, the Latin teacher at Foran High...

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A Spooky Sight: A ceramic Jack-O-Lantern decoration meant to last for many Octobers. Photo Courtesy: Jack Godek, September 30, 2021.

From Samhain to Sweets

The History and Evolution of Halloween
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | October 7, 2021

     Halloween is a popular holiday in the United States. Some enjoy the spooky aesthetic, others the costumes.  Even more enjoy watching horror movies with friends and family, and for many, it's all about candy. While this sugar-tooth and horror fan’s dream of a holiday may seem a relatively recent...

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Toon and Bones: Baleigh Toon poses with a model skeleton in her temporary classroom. Photo courtesy: Owen McCabe, September 23, 2021.

Talking With Toon

Owen McCabe and Eliot Poffenberger | October 5, 2021

     As the school year kicks back into motion, some adjustments are made to school staff. Ms. Baleigh Toon is covering for Ms. Emily Lockhart’s classes in the science hall while she is out on maternity leave.      Originally from Dallas, Texas, Toon moved to Milford, CT when she was eight...

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Working Hard: Senior David Gaetano completes school work before football practice. September 20, 2021.

Managing School and Extracurriculars

Katharine Harrison, Overall Manager | September 30, 2021

     How much is too much? Foran students share how they manage their time while juggling extracurriculars.      Many students struggle with time management and fear that adding extracurriculars to the mix will make school too stressful.      Many students play sports in addition to school...

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Perfecting their craft: Freshman Nolan Fortier in Wood Tech working with the band saw.

The Significance of Tech Classes

Dean Ross and Jason Cruz | September 24, 2021

     As the world continues to advance in technology, it only increases the need and emphasizes the importance of engineers and the technology used on a regular basis. Tech classes, like the ones offered at Foran, can help students in their future careers as well as everyday life.       From...

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A Fun Foran Insight: Bulletin board listing all of the Key Club Officers and future events to come. Photo courtesy: Lauren Ardolino, September 20, 2021.

How Key Club, Natural Helpers, and Best Buddies Make Foran a Better Place

Lauren Ardolino, Social Media Editor | September 23, 2021

     Numerous clubs at Foran are back for the upcoming school year. Organizations such as Natural Helpers, Key Club, and Best Buddies club are displaying flyers and looking for new members to join.      The Foran community thrives on after-school clubs. These meetings can unite a school community...

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The Big Red Apple: The apple statue at the Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market and Winery in Guilford, CT. Photo courtesy: Christine Nieman, September 12, 2021.

Fall in CT: Affordable and Enjoyable Activities

Connor Nieman and Azam Hostetler | September 21, 2021

     Fall in Connecticut is when families get together and take part in seasonal activities to celebrate the changing of the seasons. With the transition from summer to fall, many events begin to gain popularity due to their association with autumn.      When the seasons change, Halloween becomes...

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The Front of Foran High School. Photo Courtesy: Jacob Papazoglou, May 23, 2021.

Alumni Sendoffs

Former Lions Give Advice
Jacob Papazoglou | June 11, 2021

     As the class of 2021 gets ready to graduate, many are nervous about what to do in their first year of college or the workforce.  Advice from people who have already completed their college years is vital. Numerous Foran graduates, ranging from the class of 2020 all the way back to the class...

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In the game: Former Jai Alai player Zabala plays at the Milford Court.

Milford’s Short-Lived Jai Alai Obsession

James Allen | June 4, 2021

     In 1977, Milford opened its very own Jai Alai court and the sport quickly became an obsession in this small town. However, many people don’t know what Jai Alai is, let alone that it was a very popular sport in Milford, Connecticut of all places.      Jai Alai is known as the world's fastest...

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Celebrating Greatness: Senior Ethan Edmondson’s certificate welcoming him into National Honor Society. Photo courtesy: Ethan Edmondson, June 1, 2021.

Taking an Inside Look at the National Honor Society

Owen McCabe and Eliot Poffenberger | June 4, 2021

     The National Honor society is a prestigious organization that helps to recognize students that have exemplary grade point averages and excel academically. These students are selected through an application process      To be invited into the National Honor Society, students must first have...

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