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Jessica Chamberlain

Jessica Chamberlain, Staff Writer

     Hi! My name is Jessica Chamberlain and I’m a senior at Foran. This is my second year taking journalism as a staff writer. I love to write about current events and our local community. I love to spend time with my family, friends, and especially my dog.

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Fire Headquarters: Station 1 is located on 72 New Haven Avenue in Milford, CT.

Milford Fire Stations Shine

Jessica Chamberlain, Staff Writer | March 22, 2022

     The Milford Fire Department currently has four active fire departments. These four consist of Fire Headquarters (Station 1), East Side Fire Station (Station 5), North Side Fire Station (Station 7), and West Side Fire Station (Station 8).       Headquarters is located on 72 New Haven Avenue...

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Rylee Tondora: Photo of business owner Rylee Tondora.

Student Business “Baked by Rylee” Takes the Cake

Jessica Chamberlain and Morgan Viesselman | January 21, 2022

     Rylee Tondora is a senior at Foran who recently created a business called “Baked by Rylee.” Tondora has always had a passion for baking sweet treats and finally decided to turn her hobby into something more.       Customers can view her menu here as well as view her posts on Instagram...

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Red (Taylor’s Versions): Album cover of Taylor Swift’s rerecording of Red that was released in 2021.

(Taylor’s Version)

Jessica Chamberlain and Layla Carlberg | December 7, 2021

     Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter who is well-known for her music and her creative song lyrics. In 2012, Taylor Swift released her popular album, Red, which reached millions of listeners over the years. On November 12, 2021, Swift released a 30-song album that included re-recordings...

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Mrs. Doves’ Twins: Mrs. Doves family and her new twins. Photo Courtesy: Aubry Dove.

Paid Leave for Connecticut Mothers Beginning January

Jessica Chamberlain and Layla Carlberg | November 20, 2021

     Maternity leave is an employee benefit available for new mothers in most countries. Maternity leave can be up to about 12 weeks long if the family is eligible for it in the United States.      The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a law that guarantees 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected...

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Jones Pumpkins: The largest pumpkins on display next to the pig pen.

Jones’ Family Farms: Tradition of Long-Lasting Memories

Jessica Chamberlain and Layla Carlberg | October 20, 2021

     The changing leaves on the trees overlooking the pumpkin patch at Jones Family Farm is the place to go for the best fall activities.       “Jones Farm is a special experience for many families in the area. What’s not to love from picking your own pumpkins to the breads, cidars, and...

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Foreigner Concert: Large group of fans thrilled to see the rock band following Covid-19. Photo Courtesy: Emilia Russell, August 31, 2021.

Reopening Concerts for Eager Fans

Jessica Chamberlain and Layla Carlberg | September 27, 2021

     During 2020, many concerts were cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. After a year, concerts are starting to reopen. Once again, fans can enjoy a normal concert experience, but with a few restrictions.       Throughout the years, concerts have evolved, but have always brought...

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The Sundae House: The front of the local business located on 499 New Haven Ave in Milford, CT. Photo Courtesy: Nicolette Simone.

Sundae House: The History of a Family Favorite

Jessica Chamberlain and Aidan Davis | May 24, 2021

     The Sundae House, located on 499 New Haven Ave. in Milford, CT, is a family owned ice cream shop that opened in 1963. The small ice cream shop was created by Angelina Simone, who wanted to open up a small fruit and vegetable stand where the Sundae House is located.       Angelina Simone...

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Old Trolley Stop: This geocache is called “Take Another Break”, located on Edgefield Ave. near Foran High School. Photo Courtesy: Jessica Chamberlain

Geocaching Gems

Jessica Chamberlain, Staff Writer | April 9, 2021

     The locations in the pictures might look familiar and random, but a hidden gem is included in each photo. Each picture contains a geocache, which is a container varying in different sizes that are hidden all over the world.       Geocaching is an outdoor activity where people use their...

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Airport During Covid: This shows a vacant airport with little travelers. Photo Courtesy: Layla Carlberg, January 29, 2021

How to Travel in 2021

Jessica Chamberlain and Layla Carlberg | March 4, 2021

     Traveling in 2021 has changed immensely because of the Corona-virus pandemic. Many new protocols and rules have begun to keep people as safe as possible when traveling. Each state and country has their own rules set in place that travelers have to follow depending on their destination.  ...

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Milford Fire Department Headquarters: The MFD headquarters in downtown Milford.  Photo Courtesy: Jessica Chamberlain

Milford Fire Department Changes

Adapts to Covid-19, Helps Community
Jessica Chamberlain and Layla Carlberg | January 21, 2021

     The Milford Fire Department first responders work day and night to keep the community healthy and safe, and since the Covid-19 pandemic they have had to incorporate new procedures and protocols to ensure safety from the virus as well.        There are four active fire stations in Milford...

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Two Adopted Dogs: (Front) Chamberlain’s dog rescued from a junkyard in Miami, Florida. Neighborhood dogs playing and enjoying life. Photo Courtesy: Jessica Chamberlain

Pet Adoption, Who Rescues Whom?

The Importance of Rescuing and Saving our Furry Friends
Jessica Chamberlain and Layla Carlberg | December 18, 2020

     The number of adoptions in animal shelters during the coronavirus have increased according to The Washington Post. As stated by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), about 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted in the United States each year. As the number of...

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The Next Street Car: An example of a behind the wheel car provided for the student driver. Photo Courtesy: The Next Street

Preparing to Drive in 2020

Layla Carlberg and Jessica Chamberlain | December 2, 2020

     High school students in 2020 are still preparing to drive, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, with a few changes, including remote classes.      There are many steps that need to be taken to get a license. Many students choose to participate in a driver's education course to make getting their...

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