Reopening Concerts for Eager Fans


Foreigner Concert: Large group of fans thrilled to see the rock band following Covid-19. Photo Courtesy: Emilia Russell, August 31, 2021.

Jessica Chamberlain and Layla Carlberg

     During 2020, many concerts were cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. After a year, concerts are starting to reopen. Once again, fans can enjoy a normal concert experience, but with a few restrictions. 

     Throughout the years, concerts have evolved, but have always brought people together. Now that Covid-19 has been around for over a year and a half, people are eager to get out of their homes and see their favorite artists perform in person. The summer of 2021 saw the return of live music and marked the beginning of a new “normal”.

     Nationwide, artists that performed over the summer include Brothers Osborne, Pitbull, Luke Bryan, Guns n’ Roses, Dave Matthews, Michael Bublé, Foreigner, Trippie Redd, among others. 

     Many places have different restrictions due to Covid-19 based on the artist, location, and the amount of people attending. Some venues required vaccinations and masks, while others did not. This caused a stir amongst fans because some artists have refused to put on shows and are continuing to postpone their tours and concerts. 

     Each concert venue has different rules and regulations, and some are more strict than others. Some popular venues in Connecticut include the Xfinity Theatre, the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater, Mohegan Sun and more.

     Foran senior Emilia Russell says, “Masks were recommended for guests mainly when out of seats, being present in more busier areas such as the bathrooms or in line for food, but when in seats they did not have to be worn. In addition, proof of vaccination from my experience was not required at either venue.”

     Russel attended both the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater and the Xfinity Theatre. She went to three concerts in total over the summer and recommended Foreigner, Thomas Rhett, and Brothers Osborne. She says that the prices were all reasonable and the seats available had great views.

     Ariana Wilson, a senior at Masuk High, says, “The one and only Pitbull. We went to the Bethel Center of Fine Arts which is a random stadium in upstate New York. The mask requirements were; if you were vaccinated you didn’t have to wear a mask. And if you weren’t you did. But not a lot of people wore masks because it was outside.”

     Foran graduate Nicolette Simone also attended the Brothers Osborne concert. Simone says, “[I] was front row in the pit. I had the absolute best time and received set lists from two of the acts as well as guitar picks.”

     Attending concerts leads to such fun experiences and lifetime memories. After Covid-19, now is the time to enjoy life while we can and live our life to the fullest.