Sundae House: The History of a Family Favorite


The Sundae House: The front of the local business located on 499 New Haven Ave in Milford, CT. Photo Courtesy: Nicolette Simone.

     The Sundae House, located on 499 New Haven Ave. in Milford, CT, is a family owned ice cream shop that opened in 1963. The small ice cream shop was created by Angelina Simone, who wanted to open up a small fruit and vegetable stand where the Sundae House is located. 

     Angelina Simone was a strong, intelligent, and independent woman who established a business at a time when women were not attending college, much less owning a business. 

     The local business has been successfully running through four generations of the Simone family. Angelina passed down the business to her son, Jim Simone, who ran the business for the majority of his life. 

     After Jim Simone’s devastating passing in 2018, his son, John Simone, took over the family business with the help of his wife and daughters. The family originally felt overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking on such a large business between the time of Jim Simone’s passing and the yearly opening of the store. 

     Although Milford is a small town with few successful local businesses, the Sundae House has done a great job accommodating customers throughout the warm seasons through their ice cream. 

     Nicolette Simone, John’s daughter, is a manager of the business and constantly works with the other employees to keep the business afloat and successful. Nicolette and her sister, Alex Simone, share duties as managers at the Sundae House. Nicolette has just graduated from college.

     She says, “I feel extremely accomplished and hope my great-grandmother and grandfather are looking down at us, beaming with pride.”

     During their shifts, employees start the ice cream machines and clean the shop to prepare for customers throughout the day. Once their shift begins, Nicolette Simone says employees must, “fill the ice creams, toppings, and any other necessary materials needed to begin.”

     Not only is the Sundae House a locally loved business, but their ice cream options also make the place enjoyable and successful. According to Nicolette, they have, “over 40 options of ice cream and an endless amount of topping choices.”

     Ava Steigbigel, Foran High School junior, is an employee at the Sundae House. Steigbigel says, “Some popular orders are hot fudge sundaes and the Kathy’s cookies ice cream sandwiches. Some of our most popular ice cream flavors are swamp ice cream which is a vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl, malted milk, crushed oreos, M&Ms and chocolate chips, a cotton candy ice cream, and a new special this year: cannoli ice cream!”

     English teacher, Mrs. Barbara Dooley, is an avid customer of the Sundae House, who often brings her twins and family to enjoy the business. Dooley says, “The Sundae House is clean, well-organized, patient, and friendly. It is evident the owners trust their student workers. Those who work directly with customers always offer friendly service, even when faced with long lines and excited crowds.”

     The Sundae House is a family oriented business who has been in Milford for over 60 years. Prices vary from $2.50 to $10.50.

The Sundae House Sign: Nicki Simone is standing next to the infamous reopening sign for the spring. Photo Courtesy: Nicolette Simone.