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Hard work pays off: Image of Montano at her pop up displaying her clothing.

Sewing into the Future

Foran Alumni Jill Montano’s Brand Ragster on the Rise
Ava Sanz, Staff Writer | March 18, 2024

          Sewing for hours and hours and designing unique pieces is a skill that comes naturally to Foran alumni Jill Montano. Born in 2019, her brand Ragster reworks simple pieces and turns them into new and innovative looks.           Initially, Montano first began making clothing for...

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73 Questions Besties: Joe Sabia posing alongside Taylor Swift after doing a 73 Questions in her Rhode Island home. April 9, 2016.

Joe Sabia: The Man Behind Vogue 73 Questions

Foran Alumni Turned Famous Interviewer
Elle Philpott, Social Media/Business Manager | March 15, 2024

          “Keep your dreams really big and continue to follow what you're obsessed with,” states American digital creator, celebrity interviewer, and TED speaker Joe Sabia. He is most well known for creating the famous Vogue Series: 73 Questions but, to Milford residents, he is a beloved Foran...

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Life, You Only Have One of Them

Life, You Only Have One of Them

Military Options For Graduating Students
Carlie Mae Simard, Staff Writer | March 15, 2024

As the high school curtains close, a new stage beckons graduates: choosing a career. Upon tossing their graduation caps, many students would choose to march towards a different kind of education, trading textbooks for tactical training. Joining the military post-graduation is about commitment to growth...

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Helping others out: Tutor Riley Young (left) helps out a confused Quentin Bell (right) in the TLC, February 20, 2024.

Get it Done ASAP

Kasen Lanese and Jake Israelite | March 15, 2024

The After School Assistance Program (ASAP) provides opportunities for students to get focused tutoring for various subjects. ASAP is available to students in the TLC after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:20 to 3:20. It provides a structured environment for students to complete homework, and...

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Just Be Like Mike: Article written about MSgt. Michael Degrego (Mr. Degrego) for retiring from being top guard. June 1992.

From Fighting for Freedom and Saving Lives, to Educating Students

Matt Sissick and Daniel Hulme | March 14, 2024

          From patrolling the streets and keeping the community safe to becoming one of Milford’s most popular substitute teachers, Mr. Degrego has been subbing in the Milford district for seven years. When many students think of having a substitute teacher for their next period they think of...

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Preparing for the Game: Thomas Rashad and Keijah Gordon preparing for the next match, January 17, 2024.

Coach T: Shaping Champions in Wrestling and School Spirit

Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | March 13, 2024

           Thomas Rashad, better known as Coach T, has had a lasting impression on Foran, influencing not only the sports scene but also the core values of the community. Coach T has inspired teachers and students with his constant commitment to excellence and coaching.            Coach...

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Getting Started  The Senior Internship Application including parent signatures, medical information, transportation information, and teacher signatures. February 12, 2024.

Getting Started on Senior Internships

How to Find the Perfect Spot for You
Lorelai Christy, Online Editor | March 12, 2024

          Each year, seniors go on an internship of their own choosing for four weeks at the end of the year. This opportunity allows them to experience the real world hands-on.           Senior class advisor and business teacher Mrs. Melissa Cacioppo is the senior internship coordinator....

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Segments: TV Studio student Joseph Kerzner interviews a student for a segment for the Foran News Broadcast.

Foran News Broadcast: An Inside View

Pacey Larka and Joshua Azpiri-Sudusky | March 12, 2024

          Every morning, students at Foran watch the morning news, but most students don’t think about what goes into the making of it. This article explores behind the scenes of how the daily news broadcast is produced, where students work tirelessly to bring you the latest updates and stories...

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A Great Slice: Cook Raye Gagliardi prepares fresh pizza for Foran students, February 7, 2024.

Opening the Doors to the Wonders of the Kitchen

Sophia Martin and Xiomari Garcia-Cruz | March 11, 2024

           You're in class and your stomach starts to growl. You’re distracted from what you’re doing. All of a sudden, you’re thinking about what's for lunch. From big daddy‘s pizza, popcorn chicken, and the nacho bar, the quesadilla happens to be the most liked meal, according to Foran...

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What Are You Cookin’ Up?: Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto deliciously served on a plate.

Whip Up Comfort: How to Make Spring Comfort Foods

Chloe Ayoub, Staff Writer | March 11, 2024

          As Spring breezes in, students can turn to their kitchen to craft easy, comforting foods to elevate their school day. These recipes listed will put your cooking skills to work, and you’ll have something nicely made to treat yourself after a long day.   Granola Pretzel Sticks  ...

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Connor Rizzo performs on the keyboard.

Youth Band Dazzles California

Teach Kids Music All-Stars Band Plays at Music Festival
Gracie Brogan and Dabi Lee | March 7, 2024

          Music at Foran mainly consists of the band, orchestra, and choir, though a student at Foran seeks a bigger pursuit in his own band. Junior Connor Rizzo recently traveled to California for the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) convention. Where he, along with other members...

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 Balancing Both Worlds: Ms. Pangu working with both high school students and preschool students in the Child Learning Center. February 27, 2024.

A Look Inside Ms. Pangu’s Classroom

Alexa White and Laney Chan | March 5, 2024

          Ms. Rachel Pangu has made a career teaching her passions with both preschool and high school students everyday, all while working at the same school as her daughter.             Interior Design, Human Growth and Development, Child Growth and Development, Methods of Teaching and...

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