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The Plate: Best friends Jonna Lord and Reese Jasminski working together, August 10, 2022.

Tips For Getting A First Job

Julia DeEll and Lauren Stroffolino | March 21, 2023

          Many high school students pursue part time jobs after turning 16 in an effort to understand the fundamentals of learning how to manage their time, while comprehending financial adversities. While finding a first job, students can start their search in their own communities. Seeking out...

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Hear our roar: The final product of the 2022 yearbook. February, 18, 2022.

Behind the Scenes of the Yearbook

Jake Israelite and Jack Beaupre | March 20, 2023

          The yearbook staff works hard for the entire school year to put together a yearbook for the end of the school year. The class is run by Yearbook Advisor Ms. Meghan Condon. The class is a half-year class meaning some students only work on the yearbook for the first semester and second semester...

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A Performance to Remember: Ms. Judy Pancoast performs All My Best Memories: Built by The Carpenters,” contributing their art and its impact on her life at The Green Room 42, January 25, 2023.

“If You Have a Dream: No Matter How Ridiculous it Seems, Go For It”

Judy Pancoast’s Career in the Music Industry
Dabi Lee and Grace Brogan | March 17, 2023

          Substitute teacher Ms. Judy Pancoast is a familiar face at Foran. She often mentions her career as a musician, and many are aware of one of her greatest achievements, a 2011 Grammy nomination for best children’s music album. However, the true multitude of her projects speaks for itself....

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School Spirit: Senior Joe Gaetano Shows off his Giants Jersey on Jersey day, September 12, 2023.

A Deep Dive into the National Football League

An Analysis of NFL Teams
David Maslar, Staff Writer | March 17, 2023

The Best of the Best           Kansas City Chiefs- The obvious choice as the best team in the league, as they won the Super Bowl this past season. The Chiefs have many great players including quarterback (QB) Patrick Mahomes, tight end (TE) Travis Kelce, and defensive end (DE) Chris Jones. They...

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Snap A Pic: Foran students visiting Gulf Beach at sunset on a summer evening and capture images of the beautiful view, July 26, 2022.

History of the High School Hangout Hub

Gulf Beach Past vs. Present
Elle Philpott and Maia Matula | March 16, 2023

          Gulf Beach is the epicenter of activity in the Milford community, ranging from its infamous activities like watching the sunset, going on beach drives, making many meaningful memories and even becoming a vacation spot for tourists. However, the history of this familiar beach seems untold...

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A Future Career Awaits: A Guide to Finding a Desired Career

Cynthia Pan and Fiani Lin | March 15, 2023

          Selecting a potential career for the future might be one of the most important decisions a student can make in their life. For many, it may feel as though society has already established that it is required to know exactly what you want to become at a very young age.           ...

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Kish on Duty: Pictured is Officer Kish posing in front of a Milford police car, May 2022.

A Day in The Life of a School Resource Officer

How an SRO Impacts the Foran Community
Noah Champagne and Isabella Lau | March 15, 2023

          The job of a School Resource Officer (SRO) isn’t right for every police officer. It requires a certain personality combined with maximum empathy and compassion to interact with teenagers and children every day—attributes that SRO Kayleigh Kish demonstrates at Foran High School.  ...

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All State Cheerleader: Jonna Lord poses at her All-State banquet.

How to be a Well-Rounded Student

Seniors that Shine at Foran
Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | March 14, 2023

          Many support the theory that no one should be defined by one thing. Athletes can be great at their sports, students can be academically successful, a worker can excel at their job, yet while they may thrive in a specific area, there is always more to an individual. Students at Foran recognize...

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Harvard University: A picture of Hollis Hall at Harvard’s main campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. March 31, 2007.

The Best Colleges for Specific Studies

Evan Kerzner and Austin Lermayer | March 14, 2023

          College. One of the biggest steps a high schooler takes to reach the next chapter in their life. It can be a rigorous and stressful process, for choosing a college that best fits a person, and one that most guarantees their success and graduation can be difficult. Either or, students are...

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Need More Hairspray: Sharon Palisi and her friends at their Senior Cotillion, 1989.

“Back In My Day”

High School Now Versus the 80's
Haley Stroffolino and Isabella Palisi | March 13, 2023

             High School now versus the 80s, how has it changed? When talking about school to parents, does the response, “well back in my day” ever come up? This response may be laughable, however, there really was a strong difference between now and back then.               One...

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Perfect Predictions: A template of the 2023 March Madness Bracket, watchers can fill in the template with their predictions.

March Madness for Dummies

A Simple Guide to the College Basketball Tournament of the Year
Ginger Schmidt, Editor | March 13, 2023

          As the idea of my going away to college is becoming more and more of a reality, my mother is coming to terms with becoming an empty nester. Having declared she will need something to fill the void, she decided the next best thing to a house full of children is college basketball. For a...

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Planting Seeds of Controversy: Nixon touring facilities during his trip to Vietnam, at the of the war, January 7, 1956.

From Break Ins to Breakthroughs

Watergate’s Impact on Government and Press, 50 Years Later
Annabel Wardman, Online Editor | March 13, 2023

          51 years ago, five burglars broke into the offices of National Democratic Committees headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. 50 years ago, the Washington Post revealed government involvement in the break in, as well President Nixon’s involvement in the scandal’s coverup. 49 years ago,...

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