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Photos with Santa: Santa’s Polar Express at the Milford CT Post Mall, November 2022.

Winter Events In & Around Milford

When, Where, and What You Need to Know
Gavin Fanelli and Matt Adkins | December 13, 2023

          As the cold air sets in, that can only mean one thing, the holiday season is near. In and around Milford there are many fun things to do during the holiday season with family and friends.           First things first, Santa makes his debut at the Connecticut Post Mall starting...

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Rockefeller Tree : Visiting the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. December 21, 2020.

Lighting Up the City: More than just a Tree

Sophia Martin, Staff Writer | December 5, 2023

          Every year during the holiday season, the iconic Rockefeller Christmas Tree stands tall, bringing joy and laughter to the city. Friends and families all over Connecticut visit as the city lights dim and the annual Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting marks the arrival of the holiday season....

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Finally Christmas: Large pink tree in downtown milford fully lit up.

Lighting Up Milford

Starting the Christmas Season
Jagger Rees and Shane Trevethan | November 30, 2023

           Every year, Milford, CT hosts a tree lighting downtown on the green with several large Christmas trees and this tradition was continued on November 25, 2023. The event started at 5:00 p.m. and the lights were turned on at 6:15 p.m.            At the tree lighting there are many...

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Podcast: TLC Talks

Podcast: TLC Talks

Funny Thanksgiving Day Stories
Katie Vitaletti and Ella Nassef | November 22, 2023

Click on the link below to hear Katie and Ella's Thanksgiving episode of their podcast, TLC Talks! TLC Talks | Episode 2

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Parade Balloons: Two balloons in flight during the parade. November 11, 2023.

Marching along Macy’s

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Rosina Smith and Lila Rothbard | November 21, 2023

          The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has drawn millions of spectators since 1924. According to, each year, more than 50 million people watch the parade from the comfort of their homes and approximately three million visitors line the streets of Manhattan.      ...

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Veteran Visits: Veteran Weston Clark speaking about his experience in the military to Journalism 1, November 10, 2023.

A Thank You to Our Heroes

Celebrating American Veterans and Their Service
Laney Chan and Makayla Crespo | November 15, 2023

          Veterans Day is a time to honor those who have or are currently serving to recognize their sacrifice. November 11 is the day that the nation takes to acknowledge all individuals who served, or are currently serving in any branch of the military;  the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard,...

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Shopping at Macy’s: Anna Drozdova poses with Shea at the mall as they go fall shopping. October 12, 2023.

Fall Shopping with Foran Students

Elizabeth Tran, Staff Writer | November 10, 2023

          2023’s fall fashion trends are replacing summer fashion with sweaters, cardigans and warm clothing. As the weather gets cooler, it’s a must to dress cozier and wear fall colors. Foran students reflect these fashion choices as autumn approaches.           Senior Elle Philpott...

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On tour: Taylor Swift on the Lovers Set.

Thrilling Movies to Watch This Season

Chloe Ayoub and Alexa Johnson | November 6, 2023

          Many movies that have come out in 2023 have been big hits with more coming to theaters in the next two months. Here are some movies to watch that are coming out soon.           Coming out in theaters on November 17, 2023 is “Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes.”...

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Savory Cookies: Variety of cookies from Insomnia Cookies in New Haven July 25, 2023.

National Dessert Month: What’s Foran’s Favorite Dessert?

Noah Champagne and Colin Monahan | November 6, 2023

          Pastries, cakes, candies, cookies, and more. There are tons of desserts to choose from when in the mood for something sweet. With so many options, how can a person choose?           National Dessert Month goes throughout all of October and includes National Dessert Day. This month...

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Pumpkin patch at Treat Farm Orange, October 20, 2023.

Pumpkin Picking: Preview into Pumpkin Patches

Hailee Rabbitt, Staff Writer | October 26, 2023

          When summer ends and fall begins, exciting activities arise. One of the most trendy and top-rated attractions that capture the essence of this season is visiting pumpkin patches. With 155 pumpkin patches in Connecticut, it is a prime area for pumpkin picking.            These...

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Podcast: TLC Talks

Katie Vitaletti and Ella Nassef | October 25, 2023

Click on the link below to hear Katie and Ella's first episode of their podcast, TLC Talks! TLC Talks | Episode 1

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Trunk or Treat family: Mr.Apicella’s family at OAS trunk or treat in their designed trunk October 12 , 2019.

Trunk or Treat

Orange Avenue Elementary's Halloween Event
Daniel Hulme and Matt Sissick | October 24, 2023

          Cool cars, scary decorations, a frightening walk in the woods, good candy, and pure fun. Trunk or Treat is back and Orange Ave Elementary is ready. Orange Avenue has had their annual trunk or treat October 13, 2023 for 27 years since 1996.           Every year around Halloween,...

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