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Taken on April 6, 2024 at 10:06pm at the Lyman Center. As the crowd cheers louder, Morillo is introducing her last song of the night, “Mesias”.

Averly Morrillo Illuminates the Stage

Xiomari Garcia-Cruz, Staff Writer | May 2, 2024

Averly Morillo is a Dominican gospel singer and songwriter who at age 20 has reached thousands of people with her hits songs “Mesias”, “Quien Podra?”, and “Derramo el Perfume”. In 2020, while just being a teenager she started to write music. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Morrillo started...

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Times Square

While waiting to cross the street people look at the astonishing building screens surrounding them.

Uncovering Astonishing Sights: New York City

Sophia Martin, Staff Writer | May 2, 2024

Beyond the stereotypes of filth and poverty, New York City shines as a guiding light for many opportunities, unique street art, and fulfilled dreams. Many overlook the true beauty of the city, failing to appreciate the experiences and opportunities waiting to be discovered. The city stands tall with...

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Tarpon Sunset

Catching the gorgeous purple, pink and orange fluorescent sunset is a daily activity for the citizens of the springs. Many go down to the water and observe the cotton candy skies. Tarpon Springs FL, 2024

Exploring Tarpon Springs: Florida’s Hidden Treasure

Ava Sanz, Staff Writer | May 2, 2024

The Gold Coast has many towns and cities that people may not know of. One fascinating area in particular contains 25,560 people residing in the small town of Tarpon Springs, about 30 minutes north of Tampa. Known as a primarily Greek town there are several Greek restaurants and traditions, notable ones...

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Colorful sticky notes fill the boards in English teacher Chelsea Greens classroom. A quote from the book Romeo and Juliet placed on the wall. These colors and quotes add a bright and interesting aspect to Greens room.

The Spaces of Foran Teachers

A Room of Their Own
Colin Monahan and Noah Champagne | May 2, 2024

Desks, boards, chairs, and scattered pencils on the floor are all normal things you would see in classrooms. But at Foran, classrooms are more than just a space to learn and teach. For staff and students these classrooms are essentially home for most of the year. Teachers fill their classrooms with their...

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A sprinter at track and field practice at Joseph A. Foran High School, March 22, 2024 practicing for his upcoming track meet.

Running Into the New Season

Katie Vitaletti, Staff Writer | May 1, 2024

Joseph A. Foran High School is home to many different spring sports teams, one being Outdoor Track and Field. The body of students creates not only a team but a family. The team consists of a diverse group of athletes each specializing in different events like sprints, hurdles, long jump, shot put, short...

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Many teachers fold origami into cool designs. Mrs. Cynthia Bradford is teaching the other teachers how to fold their papers

Foran Wellness Day

Shane Trevethan and Jagger Rees | May 1, 2024

On March 28, Foran hosted a Wellness Day for students. The day consisted of many different activities for students to relax and clear their minds. Some of the activities included spikeball, card games, watching movies, and many other games and fun. Lots of students reported that they thought the Wellness...

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Springing Forward

Springing Forward

A Fresh Start for Milford’s Trails and Parks
Maggie Bredbeck, Staff Writer | May 1, 2024

Winters are long - full of early sunsets and snowy days. The arrival of spring brings with it a celebration of nature and is the perfect time to explore Milford’s wild spaces. From Eisenhower Park to Mondo Ponds, nature surrounds our schools, shops, and homes, finally beginning to show itself in March...

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Across Towns: In 1934, Dominic Zuppardi moved his bakery from New Haven to West Haven, CT, carrying his New Haven Style pizza across towns. Many New Haven pizza establishments were opened in the early 20th century, showing the rich history of the business.

Slice of Heaven: Exploring Connecticut’s Pizzerias

Pacey Larka and Joshua Azpiri-Sudusky | April 30, 2024

          What would you say is the best pizza place in Connecticut? Arguably the state with the best pizza in the country, CT has some of the best pizza you can find, including places like Modern, Zuppardi’s, and Frank Pepe’s. But what is the history behind these places, and what makes them...

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Entering Woodmont 
The “Entering Woodmont On The Sound” sign welcomes residents and other local citizens. Located behind the sign, stands the Bryan House, an artifact dated back to 1790. Woodmont, CT, 2024.

Woodmont’s Wonders

Rosina Smith and Lila Rothbard | April 30, 2024

        The borough of Woodmont in Milford, Connecticut is the home to beautiful beaches, local restaurants and many historical artifacts. Dating back to 1893, Woodmont was first created by the Special General Assembly and became a multiplicity in 1957. What once was a small farming community, transformed...

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An image captured on April 7, 2024 around 7:30pm at Morningside Beach. Morningside has a sidewalk where you walk by the beach or stairs to go to the bottom of the seawall and watch the sky or waves.

The Color of Milford Beaches

Alexa White and Laney Chan | April 25, 2024

          With 17 miles of shore, Milford is known as a coastal town. Despite the natural beauty of the ocean, the colors of the beaches often go ignored. Each beach has its own unique attributes, including color. Color is a perception that arises from the way our eyes detect different wavelengths...

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Dove Tower and Inverted Pyramid in front of the UConn gym. The clouds in the sky give a shaded background.

Experience UConn’s Unique Sites

Chloe Ayoub, Staff Writer | April 25, 2024

           UConn is a flagship university known for its athletics and exceptional school spirit. But the hidden gems of architecture and artwork can be found just anywhere on campus. From monuments to large structures to art works, there is always something to look at in each building or when walking...

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Front Angle of Infantry Monument 
The Infantry Monument is located across the street from Colony Grill and was dedicated August 13, 1995, photo taken March 16, 2024.

Recognizing Historical Milford Heroes

Matt Sissick and Braden Butler | April 25, 2024

           Milford is a small coastline city with many historic attractions around town. But what sticks out the most and doesn’t get credited enough are the memorials in Downtown Milford. People see these historical monuments as they are shopping or getting food and do not know what they...

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