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Chicken Tenders with Waffles and Hashbrowns: The manager of our cafeteria, Marybeth Salvato, knows firsthand which lunches students respond to the best. “Yesterday, the chicken tenders- waffles, that’s a big seller.” March 14, 2024.

Mane Street Meals

Makayla Crespo and Shea Pangu | April 25, 2024

          Mozzarella Sticks. Penne Pasta. General Tao’s Chicken. School lunch is a part of many Foran students’ everyday lives, but have you ever wondered which lunches students crave the most? There are dozens of different lunch options, but there are a few that leave the lunch line much longer...

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Dozens of deals: shown is the home screen of TikTok Shop displaying several items.

The Social Media Sensation

TikTok Shop on the Rise
Ava Sanz, Staff Writer | February 8, 2024

           Blowing up overnight, TikTok Shop is a store within the TikTok app that allows users to purchase trending items with the click of a button. The easy purchasing process is almost seamless, and has many hooked on its convenience. However, is it too good to be true?           ...

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Accepted!: Real college acceptance letter that could be the root of some students Senioritis. December 18, 2023.

Not Your Typical Flu Season

The Senioritis Epidemic
Elle Philpott and Kelsey Kiely | February 5, 2024

          As the year goes on, students’ senioritis gets stronger. Senioritis is a diagnosis for high schoolers when they reach senior year and start to give up. With the half year point just passing, seniors are looking forward to graduation and get caught up in the fact that they still have...

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Sneak Peek: Students working in one of Mrs. Hudson’s Photography classes.

Crafting Your Path

Three Electives That Every Student Should Take
Pacey Larka and Joshua Azpiri-Sudusky | February 2, 2024

          As course selection nears closer and closer by the week, students need to quickly make their decisions about what classes they want to take next year. Some of the most important classes to choose are electives. Some students do not know what electives they want to take this year, so here...

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Mindfulness: Student drawing on a mandala.

The Therapeutic Value of Crafting Art

Chloe Ayoub, Staff Writer | February 1, 2024

          In a world that often rushes through the canvas of life, art stands as a timeless remedy. Beyond strokes and colors, it can be used as a sanctuary for self reflection and mindfulness for students here at Foran, especially during stressful and challenging times such as studying for academic...

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Grillo at Work:  Grillo announcing at the foran boys basketball game. December 14, 2023.

Voice in The Box

The Voice Behind Foran’s Sports
Jimmy D'Angelo and Eli Gomes | January 11, 2024

          "And that will be enough for another Foran Lions first down!” Anybody who goes to a Foran football game knows that iconic phrase, but people may not know who is behind that voice: Mr. Paul Grillo.           Although it might seem like Grillo has a natural instinct for announcing,...

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Lion Dance: Lion dancers perform for the New Year.

New Year’s Unveiled

A Look Into New Year's Traditions Worldwide
Maggie Bredbeck and Jasmine Phung | January 8, 2024

          From the delicate clinks of champagne glasses to luminous fireworks painting the night skies, celebrating the arrival of a new year is common for millions around the world. Different cultures have their own unique ways of welcoming the new year, ranging from throwing unused plates for...

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Working out: Senior Brady Sciuto exercising at the gym, July 18, 2022.

Activities Students Use to Reduce Stress

Jack Beaupre, Sports Editor | January 3, 2024

          According to Cross River Therapy, 45% of students in high school admit to being stressed almost every day in school. Students are stressed out and some have found fun activities that relieve stress.            Foran School Counselor Mrs. Kelianna O'Brien says, “Stress is taxing...

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Foran’s Favorites: Home Alone 1 and Elf unsurprisingly received the most votes in the survey, being some of the most popular holiday movies.

Seasonal Cinematic Delights: Foran’s Favorite Holiday Films

Pacey Larka and Joshua Azpiri-Sudusky | December 22, 2023

          As the air turns crisp, the weather turns cold, the nights get long, and the snow starts falling, many bundle up at home with hot chocolate in one hand and cookies in the other, sitting by the fire to watch the one thing that almost everyone likes during the season; holiday movies.  ...

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Homemade Bread: Mrs. Smith makes a loaf of bread for her grandparents for the Holidays, December 23, 2022.

Deck the Halls with Green Eco-friendly Gift-Giving

Elizabeth Tran, Staff Writer | December 21, 2023

          During the holiday season people head to the stores to buy their friends and family gifts, but the sustainability of these packaged products is detrimental to the environment, coming with loads of trash from wrapping paper.           There are many ways to celebrate sustainably...

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Main Attraction: Decorated North Stamford Home, December 16, 2023.

Holiday Home Decoration Tours: A Joyous Attraction

Hailee Rabbitt, Staff Writer | December 20, 2023

          As the holiday season unfolds, neighborhoods throughout Connecticut are glowing with festive lights and decorations. Ordinary homes are turned into popular attractions to spread holiday cheer. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas, December is a month full of light and...

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Skiing into winter: Alana Finlayson and Aggie Dalton smiling for camera while skiing, February 5, 2022.

Carving the Slopes Together: Joining the High School Ski Club

Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | December 15, 2023

          Ski Club at Foran High School is a club for everyone, for experts and beginners. There are the obvious social and physical activity benefits from joining the ski club. It is now skiing season and the ski club is a great opportunity to make new friends and have a fun time.       ...

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