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The overview: The overlook of the Zen Den.

The Zen Den

Jake Israelite, Staff Writer | April 11, 2022

     After being closed all of the 2020-2021 school year due to Covid-19, the Zen Den is back in use. Located next to student life on the third floor, to access the Zen Den you have to go to student life and reserve it for a certain time. The Zen Den can be used for meetings, mindfulness, and getting...

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ROLLIN: TWICE gathers in the center of the downstage to dance the iconic move of their song Rollin.

TWICE 4th World Tour III

Julianne Yasona, Staff Writer | March 24, 2022

     TWICE is one of the biggest and most loved K-pop groups today, and they are already near the end of their fourth world tour called "III," which commenced on December 25, 2021.      The group performed their first concert of the tour in Seoul, South Korea, with one member missing due to...

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Foran Favorite: Jimmy’s Apizza located on 315 New Haven Ave, Milford, CT.

Celebrating National Pizza Day in Milford

Jason Cruz and Makenzie Wisniewski | February 9, 2022

     Some people would argue that no pizza compares to “New York Pizza,” but locally closer to Milford, New Haven is known for popular pizza places such as Frank Pepe and Modern Pizza.       According to Britannica, “Pizza became as popular as it did because of the sheer number of Italian...

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Grassy Hill: Picture of the grass, where the groundhog would come out to predict the weather. Photo Courtesy: Rumeysa Bayram, February 2, 2022.

Celebrating Groundhog Day

Rumeysa Bayram, staff writer | February 2, 2022

        Traditionally, Groundhog Day is celebrated on February 2 each year. It is a day when the groundhog comes out of its burrow to supposedly determine whether there will be an early spring.          Groundhog Day has been celebrated since 1887, originating in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania....

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Comet Commotion: The characters looking up at the notorious comet. Photo courtesy:, December 27, 2021.

Film Review: Don’t Look Up

Gracie Brogan, Staff Writer | January 28, 2022

     In December of 2021, the dystopian comedy film, Don’t Look Up, was released on Netflix. Don’t Look Up, which was written, produced, and directed by Adam Mckay, is in the top five watched films on Netflix charts as of January 1, 2022. Accumulating about 321.5 million viewing hours so far according...

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A Cinemark movie theater in the CT Post mall.

2022 Films to Look Out For

Yusuf Abdelsalam, Staff Writer | January 28, 2022

     After a strange year film-wise, the movie industry is prepared to come back big. Last year, although films like “Spider-Man: No Way Home” made more than a billion dollars, box office and ticket admissions for 2021 were quite below pre-pandemic levels, despite having increased since 2020.   ...

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A New Phase: The new Disney + marvel page banner. Photo Courtesy: Disney +, January 14, 2022.

A Marvelous Year for Entertainment

Sam Cogan, Staff Writer | January 18, 2022

     With box office records, streaming successes, and critics’ approvals, Marvel Studios had an incredible 2021. Using a combination of blockbuster movies and exciting television shows, Marvel bounced back from their lackluster 2020 with a new project almost every month.      Fans had been...

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Menorah and Christmas Tree: Hanukkah and Christmas, two very different holidays, celebrated around the same time by many students and faculty at Foran High School.

Various Holiday Traditions Around Foran High School

Austin Lermayer and Evan Kerzner | December 22, 2021

     The date is December 24, the night before Christmas Day. Christmas lights are glowing bright red and green, Christmas trees are full of lights and various ornaments, and everyone's gathering around a warm and comforting log fire. Although this may seem like a typical holiday night for many people,...

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Red Notice: Red Notice promotional image. Photo Courtesy Netflix, December 21, 2021.

“Red Notice”: The Biggest Netflix Opening Of All Time

Sam Cogan, Staff Writer | December 21, 2021

     Netflix's newest blockbuster original movie “Red Notice” released on November 5 and broke the record for Netflix’s biggest opening weekend of all time. With a star studded cast of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, this movie had a lot of anticipation and excitement,...

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Hiker’s Dream: A map of the trails within Sleeping Giant State Park. Taken August 6, 2021.

The Trails of the Constitution State

A Review of Connecticut Hiking
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | December 15, 2021

     There are thousands of hiking trails around the United States. From the many unnamed and short trails around the country, to the 3000 mile Continental Divide Trail, they come in all shapes, sizes, and elevations. However, the trails in Connecticut are typically relatively small.      The...

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Marching with Pride: The Foran band marching in a parade showing their lion pride. Photo courtesy: Ms. Jessica Turner December 8, 2021.

Foran Band’s New Performance

Jenna Supple, Staff Writer | December 13, 2021

     During halftime of Foran football games, students, staff, and parents get the chance to see Foran's band perform popular songs. Each year the band has a different choice of music and performance.       There is a lot of work put into the band. The band starts practicing in the summer just...

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Views from the City: The Fallon sisters take pictures while walking through NYC. Photo Courtesy: Izze & Zoe Fallon, December 4, 2021.

Holiday Season in New York City

Chloe Nittoly and Julia DeEll | December 13, 2021

     The streets of New York City are filled with tourists ready to celebrate the holiday season. Thanksgiving has concluded, and the annual black Friday weekend has sprung. Many people from all over the country are planning their visits and are ready to join in on all holiday festivities taking place...

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