Is Technology Taking Over Christmas Gifts?


Maddie Babcock and Hailey Kuzma

Electronics: Target advertises electronics for the upcoming Christmas season, December 13, 2022.

          Over the years, the variety of gifts given during the holiday season has evolved. While the world is developing, the same goes for gifts. Instead of dolls, art supplies, and puzzles, items such as iPhones, iPads, and other forms of technology have infiltrated the Christmas gift scene. 

          With this upcoming generation, concerns regarding the attention span of children have been raised. The constant need for technology has resulted in a lack of attentiveness to current lessons outside of the digital world.

          A 10-year-old at Orchard Hills Elementary, Sydney Williams explains, “Honestly toys just aren’t as much fun anymore, I would rather have my iPad or phone now compared to toys.” 

          Technology has proven to be very beneficial for children, providing them with creative outlets and something to do in their free time. It’s a new resource for school projects, homework assignments, activities, etc. 

          Although there are many positives, technology can also be very damaging to a young person in an educational workspace–whether it’d be a teacher or a student. Teachers now find that their biggest enemy in the classroom can simply be an iPhone or an alternate form of technology. 

          Science teacher Mr. Matthew Wajda states, “The one big problem is a pretty obvious one: cell phones. Amazingly powerful tool but very rarely gets used in ways other than distractions.” 

          This Christmas season holds greater importance, for the world is now at the peak of technology. With the help of engineers, technology workers, the increasing number of advocates for technology, and evolution as a whole–the virtual world has been deemed increasingly fit for a Christmas gift. Parents should decide if technology is the right thing to gift their children because it could harm their educational experience rather than improve it. 

          Consumer Technology Association(CTA) states that, “Approximately 191.3 million U.S. adults plan to purchase technology as a gift this holiday season.” 

          Children that have technology are more prone to develop attention deficiency problems compared to students that don’t.  However, there are healthy alternatives to how technology can help improve society as a collective. 

          Technology has improved the quality of information in many crucial ways. Using technology during class instruction can improve student engagement for auditory and visual learners. Outside of the classroom students can find a social outlet through technology, such as being able to communicate with family, friends, teachers, and more faster than before. 

          During the Christmas season, parents can find giving the proper gifts to their children difficult. With the increasing popularity of technology, there has been a quick alternative to replace the struggle parents face when deciding what gifts to give children.  Technology has become a quick and easy present for parents. Though there are arguments that can be made that are not beneficial for the children themselves.