October Highlight: Homecoming Recap


Alexandra Montero

View from the Stands: View from stands at pink out football game, October 7, 2022.

          Foran had a thrilling and fun filled homecoming week to get everyone excited for the homecoming game, as well as the dance. 

          The spirit week themes included Flannel Day, Pink Day, Groutfit Day, and Color Wars. 

          Sophomore Carlie Simard states that “Going to the pep rally was eye-opening to see how much our class of 2025 likes to represent our school. I found that the freshmen were overly cheerful and won the most school spirit from how cheerful they were.” 

          The school spirit followed from the pep rally over to the Friday night football game, where Foran played against East Haven. Foran took the win by a long shot with the ending score of 42-8. Students, faculty, staff, and family came together to support our Foran football team, decked out from head to toe in pink.

          Simard says, “The homecoming game was great. I enjoyed getting dressed up in pink with my friends to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I love cheering in the stands with my friends and being able to have fun with my school.”

          Simard was happy to help and support breast cancer awareness by buying eye black stickers made by the Student Council where they gave all of the money to The Get In Touch Foundation.

          Last but not least, the homecoming dance on Saturday allowed all the students and faculty to get dressed up and enjoy themselves.

          Sophomore Hailey Cahill says, “My time was very good at the school dance this year. I enjoy the music and dancing with my friends.” 

          Vice Principal Mrs. Beth Gilman chaperoned the dance and said although it was stressful, it was nice to see the kids having fun with one another. 

          Covid-19 restrictions heavily impacted the homecoming dance last year, but many students enjoyed the fact that the dance was held indoors this year. 

          Simard and Cahill both recommend all incoming freshmen next year to attend all school events and to get involved in the community. Going to these events helps students fulfill the full experience of high school and make the best of their time here.