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Spreading kindness: Officer Michael Dyki inspiring the next generation at the police station.

Placing Their Lives on the Line: The Faces Behind Bravery

Ava Sanz, Staff Writer | January 4, 2024

          Fighting, sacrificing, protecting and dedicating the majority of their lives to serving our country is what law enforcement strives to achieve on a daily basis. January 9, 2024 is a day to recognize these tremendous efforts put forward by officers, as well as honoring their hard work and...

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USS Arizona (NARA) Battleship: Famous battleship that was hit by Japanese horizontal bombers.

Remembering Pearl Harbor

How Foran Honors The Devastating Day Pearl Harbor
Daniel Hulme and Matt Sissick | December 22, 2023

          Pearl Harbor is a day that will go down in infamy. On December 7, 1941, 2,400 soldiers and civilians lost their lives, 1,000 were left severely injured, and the United States lost 20 Navy Vessels and over 300 airplanes.            On this day, those who have lost their lives are...

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Handing out Honor: Milford Citizen receiving a wreath to lay on the graves of those who served buried in the King’s Highway Cemetery. December 16, 2023.

Wreaths Across America

A Longstanding Milford Holiday Tradition
Elle Philpott, Social Media/Business Manager | December 21, 2023

          Wreaths Across America is a national organization committed to honoring and paying respects to veterans during the holiday season. The Milford community comes together annually to lay wreaths on the graves of local deceased veterans.            However, Milford is not the only...

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Podcast: TLC Talks

Podcast: TLC Talks

Donating During the Holiday Season
Katie Vitaletti and Ella Nassef | December 21, 2023

Click on the link below to hear Katie and Ella's third episode of their podcast, TLC Talks! TLC Talks | Episode 3

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Newly-elected Milford Mayor Anthony Giannattasio speaks at his inauguration. November 20, 2023.

Mayor Tony Giannattasio Speaks On Milford’s Future; Win

Mike Rich, Staff Writer | December 21, 2023

          A hard-fought election on November 7 resulted in the nomination of mayoral candidate Anthony Giannattasio. He was sworn in on November 20, becoming Milford’s twelfth mayor and first Republican mayor since James L. Richetelli served from 2001 to 2011. Giannattasio, a Milford native and...

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Soaring Through Stunts: Foran’s cheer team perfecting their stunts in preparation for competition.

Tumbling Into Competition Cheer

Makayla Crespo and Shea Pangu | December 20, 2023

          There are many varying types of cheerleading. Students might think of cheerleading as simply encouraging school spirit and performing during football games, but in reality it’s much more than that. During the fall season, cheerleaders engage in sideline cheer, and then during the winter...

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The Heart of the Holidays:. Milfords annual Christmas tree lighting on December 1, 2023.

Unwrapping The Magic

Milford Community Holiday Traditions
Colin Monahan and Noah Champagne | December 19, 2023

           From Milford’s annual tree lighting to holiday celebrations, there are many ways to kick off the holiday season. With countless students and staff here at Foran. How does each individual person celebrate the holidays?            History teacher and swim coach Mr. Brian Dooling...

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Students adjust to the new upgrade: Lharyssa Pinho filled out a pass in Securly Pass on her phone. December 13, 2023.

Tech Upgrade: Introducing the New E-Hall Pass System

Xiomari Garcia-Cruz and Sophia Martin | December 19, 2023

          As schools keep up with new technology, the old fashioned paper hall passes are getting a digital upgrade. Securly Pass is changing how students move around the school. Students and teachers are also learning how to adapt to the new adjustments.            The Securly Pass system...

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Working Hard: Mrs. Dooley’s desk filled with assignments to grade.

Behind the Desk: Insights from Teachers at FHS

Chloe Ayoub, Staff Writer | December 18, 2023

          Teaching, grading, and planning lessons. Not everyone knows how hard it is to be a teacher. Here at Foran, teachers are working extremely hard everyday.           There is more to being a teacher than just teaching. Mrs. Barbara Dooley teaches English, but just teaching a class...

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Calming Space: One out of the many relaxing setups in the Special Education Room. December 5, 2023.

Supporting Special Education

A Look into Foran’s Special Education Department
Lila Rothbard and Carlie Mae Simard | December 15, 2023

          For centuries in the United States, children with disabilities were ignored and thought to be unteachable by schools, despite how smart and worthy they were of the same education as other students.            National Special Education Day is celebrated on December 2 each year,...

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A National Honor: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama pose with O’Connor after awarding her the Presidential Medal of Freedom, August 12, 2009.

Liberty and Justice for All

A Reflection on the Life of Sandra Day O’Connor
Olivia Salai and Connor Rizzo | December 14, 2023

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor lived a greatly influential life. An advocate for equal protection for all Americans, O’Connor made crucial decisions on cases such as Grutter v. Bollinger (2003) and Hamdi v. Rumsfeld (2004) to extend rights to many different groups. O’Connor also...

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Photos with Santa: Santa’s Polar Express at the Milford CT Post Mall, November 2022.

Winter Events In & Around Milford

When, Where, and What You Need to Know
Gavin Fanelli and Matt Adkins | December 13, 2023

          As the cold air sets in, that can only mean one thing, the holiday season is near. In and around Milford there are many fun things to do during the holiday season with family and friends.           First things first, Santa makes his debut at the Connecticut Post Mall starting...

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