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Trusted  adult: School counselor Aubry Dove, November 15, 2023.

How to Deal with Wartime Mental Health

Anna Drozdova, Staff Writer | November 17, 2023

           Foran graduate Maria Korman has a lot of relatives in Israel such as her aunt, uncle and lots of cousins and nephews.             “I know they are in a safe spot right now but at any moment that could change. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I talk to my immediate...

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Goals in Guidance: Guidance office with many college banners and forms. October 17, 2023.

Affirmative Action in America

Elle Philpott and Kelsey Kiely | November 16, 2023

           Only 57% of the Foran community knows what affirmative action is, including those who are currently in the process of applying to college according to a recent poll. To cut to the chase, according to the New York Times affirmative action is defined as the practice or policy of favoring...

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Cousins in class: Meredith and Nora Hayes with Mr. Algiere and Mr. Phelan in his classroom, October 17, 2023.

Families Interacting in Foran

Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | November 15, 2023

          Seeing familiar faces around Foran is typical, but seeing relatives is a whole different story. Having familiar faces in Foran High School has been proven by students like Meredith Hayes, and Jackie Tosakoon, and teachers that it helps them feel more comfortable and safe.       ...

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Say Cheese: Collins twins getting photos before Taylor goes to the Homecoming dance. October 14, 2023.

The More the Merrier

A look into the unique twins and triplets at Foran
Jocelyn Gonzalez and Hayley Pokornowski | November 13, 2023

          Being a triplet or a twin is something people would say is very unique. In the United States  (US) there's a 3.31% chance of being a twin and a .14% chance of  being a triplet.            Some people find it shocking that seniors Taylor and Summer Collins are twins. Most people...

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Foran’s Veterans: Mr. Thomas Dillon and Mr. Paul Grillo standing next to an American flag. October 16, 2023.

We Thank You Veterans of Foran

Gavin Fanelli and Matt Adkins | November 10, 2023

          Veterans Day is a celebration to honor those who served in the armed forces for their patriotism and those killed in the country’s wars.           Veterans Day is celebrated each year on November 11, regardless of what day of the week it falls on. However, if it occurs on a Sunday...

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Informing Future Members: Club members Max Newton pitches his club to students at the club fair, October 4, 2023.

Impact of Clubs at Foran

“It’s really fun and I look forward to every meeting"
Kasen Lanese and Jake Israelite | November 9, 2023

          Students have 34 clubs to choose from, they can specialize in certain subjects such as math and science. Or can represent hobbies, and interests such as fishing, and FBLA. Clubs are even offered where students can learn about cultures such as multicultural, and Japan.          ...

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“Everything Starts with You”

Milford’s Mayoral Election: An Overview on the Opposing Candidates and Their Campaigns

          With the mayoral election coming up this month, it’s important that citizens of Milford get to know the candidates, one of whom will eventually take over as mayor of the city.            Foran alumni Mrs. Kerri Rowland is the Democratic candidate for the election. Her residency...

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Kick Off: Trick or Trot participants beginning their 3.1 mile stretch. October 28, 2023.

Running for a Cause

Milford’s 12 Annual Trick or Trot
Shea Pangu and Makayla Crespo | November 3, 2023

          The Beth-El Center hosted their 12 annual Trick or Trot 5K this October 28 to raise money for their nonprofit organization while also bringing joy to the community. The starting point for the 3.1 mile race is Lisman Landing or 37 Helwig Street, Milford CT and the race kicks off at 9:00...

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Trust Tony G: Lawn signs around Milford showcase Tony Giannattasio’s qualifications for mayor, October 8, 2023.

City-Wide Showdown

A Preview of the 2023 Milford Mayoral Race
Gavin Conte, Staff Writer | November 2, 2023

          Every two years, citizens of all ages across Milford flock to the polling places to vote in the mayoral race. This race is unique because interim Mayor and former Board of Police Commission Chairman Richard Smith, the incumbent, is not running in the election.           Smith was...

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 Smoothie and Muffin: A Very Berry Smoothie served with a chocolate chip muffin on October 9, 2023.

Operation Smoothie: Foran’s Newest Breakfast Item Taking Off

Plus: What Foran Thinks Of The New Menu Choice
Mike Rich, Staff Writer | October 31, 2023

          Known for its breakfast eaten by students and teachers, Foran has launched its newest breakfast item: the smoothie. Debuting on October 2, the smoothie took off, becoming one of Foran’s best-selling foods. Available in the cafeteria from 7-9 AM daily, smoothies are now part of the breakfast...

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Ice Cream at Walnut Beach Creamery : Chloe Marchesseault poses with ice cream from Walnut Beach Creamery. July 8, 2023.

Walnut Beach Creamery Halloween Parade: A Festive Tradition

Xiomari Garcia-Cruz and Sophia Martin | October 24, 2023

          Every year, on the night of October 31 from four to nine p.m., a spooky witch makes an appearance at the Walnut Beach Creamery Halloween Parade. The parade allows friends and family to come together on Halloween night, dressed up to enjoy some ice cream from the Creamery.  Susan Patrick, ...

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Blind Date with a Book: A new exhibit in the Foran TLC shows off banned books, allowing students to choose their next read by the reason it was challenged, October 5, 2023.

Celebrating Controversial Texts

Banned books and an Overview on the Week in Their Honor
Maggie Bredbeck, Staff Writer | October 23, 2023

          Book bannings have been taking place in America since the middle of the 17 century, but in recent years they have become very common, very quickly. The amount of book bannings filed from 2021 to 2022 increased by more than 75%, according to           There are hundreds...

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