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The Huddle: (Left to Right) Tyquell Lucas, Geo Winters, Kyle Viesselman, and Alex Teastani huddle up, October 9, 2022.

New Faces On The Football Team

Class of 26' Enters the Den
Noah Champagne, Jillian Allen, and Colin Monahan | October 28, 2022

          The football team is looked at as an entertainment source for students, but for the players, the game and their team is like a second family. The team consists of different players and coaches, all with their own individual motivations. This shared love for the game allows them to encourage...

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Coaching on the Court: Coach Hoffer with senior, Chloe Nittoly on the court, October 3, 2022.

Passing the Volleyball Team onto New Coaches

Gianna Weaver and Ellie Pasacreta | October 26, 2022

          A new volleyball season is close to ending but a new coaching staff stepped up to the net. The girl's volleyball team welcomed new assistant coach Mrs. Tammi Spose alongside returning coach Jessica Hoffer. This year, Coach Hoffer is taking on a new role as the head coach.       ...

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Celebration: Captain Joe Gaetano celebrating after a touchdown, September 9, 2022.

Touchdown! Friday Night Football is Back

Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | October 10, 2022

          Football is back in action, and players and students could not be more excited. Football brings in large crowds and this year’s student section is bigger than ever. The Foran community is more than ready for fall nights watching a game on the bleachers in the cold crisp air.    ...

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Girls Soccer Star: Daniella Boutote makes a play on the ball during a club soccer game, March 7, 2021.

A Glistening Future: A Look at Fall’s Freshman Athletes

Chris Adkins and Joseph DeFreitas | October 10, 2022

          Out with one class and in with the next! The fall season of highschool athletics has always boasted the most popular turnouts in the student sections, and with the turn of the new academic year, Foran has a new and exciting roster of freshman athletes ready to embark on their first high...

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Let the games begin: Foran students participating in the first Milford pickleball tournament on September 24 ,2022.

The Growth of Pickleball in the Milford Community

Jake Israelite and Jack Beaupre | October 10, 2022

          Recently, pickleball has expanded not only in Milford, but around the world. Milford has added 19 pickleball courts and provides a league for all types of pickleball players of all ages.            This sport is  never too late to start playing as 52 percent of the core pickleball...

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Diving for Fall Season: Foran girl’s swim and dive performs at the fourth meet, September 20, 2022.

Cannonball: Girls Swim Jumps into New Season

Gracie Brogan and Jocelyn Gonzalez | October 10, 2022

            While the sports fall season tends to focus on football, the 2022 girls' swim and dive season is starting to make their splash. The team started their season with a win against West Haven, one of the fourteen meets the team will attend, West Haven, Cheshire, Daniel Hand, North Haven,...

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Pre-Game Coin Flip: Football captains Jack Cushman, Matthew Miller, Joe Gaetano, and James Cobain line up facing Weston high school captains. September 9, 2022.

Now Entering: New Sports Captains

Kylee Payne and Luci Cappello | October 10, 2022

          As the 2022 fall sports season kicks off, the new captains are eager to lead their team to success. There are eight fall sports teams, including a varsity and junior varsity roster in addition to football which fields a freshman team that competes. This year’s fall captains want to represent...

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Benching Better Bodies: Max Fallon-Silva benching at the gym as Braden Butler spots him.

Building Better Minds and Bodies

The Scientific Benefits of Hitting the Gym
Gavin Fanelli, Staff Writer | September 23, 2022

          Over the years the media, doctors, and schools express how exercise is good for the body.             There has been lots of research to support the benefits of exercising, especially for teenagers. These benefits include a healthier body, a healthier mindset and more.  ...

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Trey Deitelbaum and Coach Walker: Deitelbaum next to Coach Walker in a home game against East Haven where Foran won 12-2, May 9, 2022.

Senior Athletes Leaving their Mark in Sports

Evan Kerzner and Austin Lermayer | June 3, 2022

           Sports have always been a major part of high school. Fans love to come watch their school compete in a good environment, while student athletes work to win and earn a future in sports, whether it be college scholarships or sports-related majors/jobs.             Seniors have...

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Girls Tennis Senior Captains: Seniors Veda Lakkmraju and Olivia Connelly after leading and cheering their team on, May 11, 2022.

Senior Spring Captains: Finishing Off the Season

Rumeysa Bayram and Cameron Lefebvre | May 19, 2022

          As spring sports come to an end, so do the captains' careers at Foran. This is their last season playing for a sports team in high school, and they’re prepared to finish off the season strong.           Foran consists of five spring sports: lacrosse (boys and girls), softball,...

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 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Foran girls lacrosse after a huge win against rival school Jonathan Law, April 22, 2022.

Spring Sports Recap

Charlie Sampson and Chris Adkins | May 18, 2022

          As students look back into the spring season, Foran’s spring sports teams have earned some big wins. As of May 18, boys lacrosse 11-4; girls lacrosse 15-1; baseball 9-9; softball 8-5; boys tennis 11-8; girls tennis 5-14; girls track 3-9; boys track 6-6; Golf 5-7. Hard work and effort...

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Richard A. Herman Memorial Tennis Courts: Deven Dai playing on Foran home courts, May 10, 2022.

Stern’s Run to the State Championship

Mati Gorges and Zach Worzel | May 13, 2022

          The boys tennis team is off to a very good season so far, coached by science teacher, and 2022 Teacher of the Year, Mr. Alan Stern. Stern has a passion for tennis and teaching science. He has been teaching at Foran for eight years, and coaching for four. His drive for teaching translates...

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