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The Gaetano Brothers: David and Joe together after a game.

Siblings in Sports

Leaving Personal Relationships Off the Field
Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | October 28, 2021

     Being on the same team as a sibling has a unique dynamic.There is a relationship between them, whether positive or negative, that makes being on the same team an experience unlike others.      There are several families on the same Foran sports teams, including Brayden, Liam, and Riley...

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Athletes in Action: Students participate in team-building activities. Photo courtesy: Catherine GaNun, October 12, 2021.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

James D'Angelo and Cian Carroll | October 21, 2021

     Teamwork is undoubtedly an essential skill for any job. A perfect way to learn this trait is in the new course T.E.A.M.S, which stands for Together, Explore, Ask questions & share ideas, Members of your team, Smarter together than apart.       The leaders of this course are teachers...

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Foran Football in Action: Cushman looks to dodge two defenders on his way to the endzone. Photo Courtesy: Maria Crocco,  October 18, 2021.

Jack Cushman Leads the Lions as QB1

Chris Adkins and Zach Worzel | October 21, 2021

     Some key parts of a winning football team is having a good offense and defense, with the offense being led by the quarterback. Without a good quarterback, the team would not be able to throw the ball.       When Foran football lost their quarterback, it was time for junior Jack Cushman...

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Post Victory: Team has a discussion after winning a meet. Photo courtesy: Mrs. Amy Fiorillo, September 30, 2021.

Girls’ Swim Makes a Splash

Hannah Salsbury, Staff Writer | October 19, 2021

     The Girls' Swim and Dive Team is composed of 23 athletes- 18 swimmers and five divers. They participate in practices and meets at Foran’s pool and have had a successful season so far, looking to finish strong for the remainder of the fall.       Ms. Meghan Condon has been head coach...

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Faces of the 2021-2022 NBA Season: DeMar DeRozan, Russel Westbrook, and Klay Thompson in their 2021-2022 season jerseys.

Big Teams Making Big Moves

How the 2021 NBA Offseason has Fared and Who to Keep an Eye On
Tyler Vinhais and Joseph DeFreitas | October 18, 2021

     With the 2021-2022 NBA season approaching, many teams have made offseason moves altering their chances to win the NBA finals.       Teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls have utilized this offseason to their advantage in forming a contending group for the championship.  ...

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The captains of the girls volleyball team, Arezoo Ghazagh and Morgan Viesselman.  Photo courtesy: The Mane Street Mirror.

Senior Athletes Rise to Make Their Mark

Meet the 2021 Fall Sport Captains
Kyle Zarnoch, Sports Editor | September 23, 2021

     As the highly anticipated fall sports seasons begin, each team has proudly named their captains. Each captain looks to lead their respective team to a winning season, while avoiding any conflicts that may arise. After the loss of some fall sports last season, this year it is especially critical...

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Foran versus Lyman Hall: Football’s first game, celebrating their victory. Photo courtesy: Dean Ross, September 10, 2021.

Foran Football: Tackling the Season Ahead

Morgan Viesselman and Tori Matula | September 22, 2021

     After a long year of uncertainty, the Lions can finally put their helmets and pads to work. The team is now ready to return to normal play.      There are six senior captains this year: Dean Ross, Jason Cruz, Barry Held, Kyle Zarnoch, AJ Edmond, and Kyle Pokornowski.      The team...

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Game Day Ready: NFL football fan Joseph DeFreitas poses with his Alvin Kamara jersey in hopes for a Week One win.

The Kickoff: NFL Week One Recap

Brian Massey and Cal Wrigley | September 18, 2021

     The 2021 NFL season has officially kicked off to the delight of many. As several Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, this year brings back the excitement and energy of being at a football game, including full capacity stadiums for fans to enjoy. For this reason, fans are anxious and hopeful...

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Touchdown: Foran football wins 43 to 18 against Lyman Hall last Friday.

Touchdown: Foran Football is Back in Action

Anthony Giordano, Business Manager and Editor | September 15, 2021

     The Foran football team exhausted the Lyman Hall Trojans 43 to 18 during their first game of the season on Friday night.       Captain Kyle Zarnoch states, “We had a great game. Looking forward to bringing this energy back home this Friday.”      In the early minutes of the game,...

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Foran getting the ball during the game against Amity. Photo Courtesy: Maria Crocco, May 8.

Wrapping Up Girls’ Lacrosse

Cameron Lefebvre | June 14, 2021

     Foran girls' lacrosse has been a relatively new program at Foran high school, being a part of Foran’s spring sports options for 7 years. This year, the girls lacrosse team had the ability to play a full season, which was not the case last year when COVID-19 shut down schools and sports. The...

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Clubs United : The jerseys of Inter CT and Milford United. Photo courtesy: Kevan Cogan.

Inter and Milford Unite

Ben Cogan and Sam Cogan | June 4, 2021

     Inter CT Soccer Club and Milford United Soccer Club have recently formed a new partnership. This union combines two levels of clubs in an attempt to provide a clearer pathway for soccer players in Connecticut.      The connection between the two clubs has been around for a few years, but...

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Diving to New Lengths: Pictured is AJ Farrell running out of the water after completing the swimming portion of the Race for Chase Triathlon.

Race for Chase 2021 Youth Triathlon

Inspiring Young Athletes and Keeping Chase’s Memory Alive
Haley Flynn | June 2, 2021

     As summer approaches, many parents scramble to find their children activities outside of the house where they can have fun and be active over the break. Milford offers many options for outdoor activities, with one of the best being the Race for Chase Youth Triathlon, run by the Woodruff Family...

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