Guns on Campuses

Alex Tobin
Staff Writer

Every day you hear about more and more sexual assaults and violence going on at college campuses. This is a very relevant topic due to many seniors heading off to college in the fall, while the rest of the grades will be headed off not too long after.

With that in mind, should college students as well as faculty be allowed to carry firearms on campus as an additional school supply?

Would this really stop sexual assaults and violence or will it just add to it?

This is a very controversial topic and there are pros as well as cons to both sides. Right now, no law permits or prohibits guns on campus, and so far legislation has failed to pass on this subject on 55 occasions in 29 states, although bills are still pending in 10 states.

Lawmakers in several states where legislation has failed plan to reintroduce it.

To emphasize a con, binge-drinking and drug abuse is apparent in college and even though it is not supported, it occurs. Drinking and drug use impairs judgment and alters your mind. If students had guns during the time they were under the influence it could bring unwanted violence that would not occur if they did not have guns at all, supporting the statement that when guns are on campus, the injuries and deaths that will occur could most likely be from negligent and reckless behavior, potentially increasing murders on campuses.

On the contrary, a pro of this topic would be that men and women involved in sexual assaults would be able to defend themselves, thus preventing these cruel occurrences.

Another advantage: Students would feel safer on campuses and the stress levels and anxiety would decrease. For example, students walking to and from class late at night alone might feel safer.

The Justice Department says one in ten sex assaults involves a weapon.

An additional point is that anti-gun groups claim that campuses remain relatively safe environments. Therefore, they say that introducing guns can only lead to accidents or unwelcomed danger.

Others argue that guns are not necessary and there are numerous alternatives that are not as severe. For example, they argue that pepper spray, a pocket knife or, a tad more severe, a stun gun, would be better. If used in the right way it is not as easy to seriously injure a person or put their life at risk, where a gun can end a life in a matter of seconds.

Experts in sexual assault argue that women at a college or university are typically assaulted by an individual they know, so if there were access to a gun, they would seldom be tempted to use it. Mass school shootings have occurred more times that they should have in the United States and it puts thoughts in peoples’ heads, if someone, a faculty member or student, had a gun at the time of the tragedy would it have been prevented or would more mass shootings occur?

An anonymous student said, “Civilians should not carry guns on campus. That is what campus police officers are for.”

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